High-Performance LW Non-Clogging Sewage Pump for Unmatched Efficiency

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Experience unparalleled efficiency with the LW Non-Clogging Sewage Pump, designed to provide high-performance wastewater treatment. Offering superior engineering, this pump effectively handles sewage, particles, and mildly corrosive media.

  • Enhanced Performance: Equipped with (single/double) channel impeller for increased sewage capacity.
  • Cost Efficiency: Energy-conserving design significantly reduces operational costs.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Its compact design allows for outdoor installation, eliminating the need for additional pump stations.
  • Usage Specifications: Operates efficiently at 380V voltage and withstand a medium temperature below 40°C.
  • Material Composition: Predominantly crafted from cast iron; not suitable for extremely corrosive environments.
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LW Non-Clogging Sewage Pump: Ultimate Efficiency for Exceptional Performance

Optimize your pumping systems with the high-grade LW Non-Clogging Sewage Pump. Our industry-leading pump is engineered for superior performance and incredible reliability. It's an ultimate solution that delivers exceptional results for wastewater plants, sewage stations, and urban sewage treatment facilities.

The LW Non-Clogging Sewage Pump splendidly handles sewage, particles, dirt, and weak corrosive media, thus performing remarkably even in the most challenging environments.

Impeccable Features and Benefits:

  • Rely on the single or double channel impeller design for unparalleled efficiency and advanced sewage handling.
  • Experience an extended operation life with the modern mechanical seal, curbing the need for regular replacement and reducing overall costs.
  • Admire the compact design that assures optimum performance even in tight spaces.
  • Benefit from the cutting-edge automatic control cabinet that guarantees seamless operation and an enhanced user experience.
  • Save on precious space and costs since a separate pumping station is not required for installation.

Optimal Operating Conditions:

  • Trust reliable operation at a rated 380V voltage and 50Hz frequency.
  • Handles media temperatures up to a robust 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Efficiently bear a media density of 1150kg/m3.
  • Designed to function optimally in a pH range of 5-9.
  • Able to operate in areas up to 1000 meters above sea level.
  • Is perfectly capable of handling media with a viscosity of up to 1000CP.


The robust cast iron sewage pump is not equipped to handle corrosive media, an evidence of the careful design and thoughtful construction. Achieve exceptional pumping efficiency, superior performance, and unparalleled reliability all in one single solution - the LW Non-Clogging Sewage Pump.

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