Luria Broth Base Miller's Modified - Highly Regarded Bacterial Growth Mixture

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Luria Broth Base, Miller’s Modified

  • Lab-grade bacteria growth mixture
  • Specifically formulated for microbiology research
  • Contains Luria broth base, Miller’s modified Tryptone, yeast extract, and sodium chloride
  • Provides essential nutrients and salts for bacterial growth
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The Luria Broth Base, Miller's Modified is a highly regarded and widely used bacterial growth mixture specifically formulated for laboratory use. It offers a well-balanced and optimized composition of nutrients, providing an ideal environment for the growth and multiplication of bacteria. With its reliable performance and consistent results, this product has become an indispensable tool for microbiology research and experimentation.

Ingredients and Composition

The Luria Broth Base, Miller's Modified consists of a carefully selected combination of ingredients, ensuring the provision of appropriate nutrition and support for bacteria throughout the growth process. The key components of this mixture include:

  • Luria broth base: A nutrient-rich medium, derived from the original Luria Bertani (LB) broth developed by Luria and Bertani in 1951. It consists of tryptone, which provides a source of amino acids, and yeast extract, which offers additional essential nutrients. The inclusion of peptone and sodium chloride further enhances the growth-promoting properties of the medium.
  • Miller's modified Tryptone: A variant of tryptone, a hydrolyzed casein product that serves as a source of amino acids. It provides essential building blocks for protein synthesis and supports robust bacterial growth. The modified version offers improved solubility and nutrient availability compared to traditional tryptone formulations.
  • Yeast extract: A natural source of vitamins, trace elements, and other growth-promoting factors. It enriches the medium with a wide range of essential nutrients, supporting the metabolic needs of bacteria during growth and replication.
  • Sodium chloride: A vital component that maintains the osmotic balance within the growth medium, ensuring optimal conditions for bacterial growth. It preserves the structural integrity of cells and supports nutrient uptake and waste elimination processes.

To prepare the Luria Broth Base, Miller's Modified for use, simply dissolve the specified amount of powder in distilled water, adjust the pH if needed, and sterilize through autoclaving. The resulting medium provides an ideal foundation for a variety of bacterial strains and offers excellent reproducibility, making it an indispensable choice for microbiology laboratories.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimized composition: The carefully formulated mixture of nutrients and salts provides an ideal growth-promoting environment for bacteria, ensuring reliable results with minimal variability.
  • High-quality ingredients: The product contains premium-grade ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers, ensuring consistent performance and purity.
  • Proven effectiveness: With a long history of successful use in microbiology research, this product has gained recognition for its reliable performance and consistent results.
  • Wide compatibility: The Luria Broth Base, Miller's Modified is suitable for the cultivation of various bacterial strains, including Escherichia coli (E.coli) and many others commonly used in microbiology and molecular biology experiments.
  • Ease of use: The preparation process is straightforward, requiring only water, adjustable pH, and sterilization through autoclaving, saving valuable time and effort in the laboratory.
  • Flexible applications: This versatile growth medium can be used for routine laboratory tasks, such as bacterial culture maintenance, protein expression, plasmid DNA preparation, and general growth and recovery of bacterial cultures.

Choose Luria Broth Base, Miller's Modified for your microbiology research needs and experience reliable and consistent bacterial growth performance. This well-designed medium provides the necessary nutrients and salts to support and sustain bacterial growth, allowing you to focus on your experiments and achieve accurate results with utmost confidence.

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