1% Lugol's Iodine Solution in 1L Opaque Glass Bottle for Precision Lab Work

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Lugol Iodine Solution, 1% Concentration – 1L Opaque Glass Bottle is a top-notch, chemically pure solution comprised of 1% Iodine and 2% Potassium Iodide, rendered in Distilled Water. Critical attributes of this product include:

  • Excellent for clinical and diagnostic applications like Gram staining.
  • Presentation in a light-protective 1-liter glass bottle.
  • Non-volatility and long shelf life of 36 months.
  • Product weight and shipment volume are 1kg and 0.0017m3, respectively.
  • Store it in a cool, dark location for optimal preservation.
  • Dispose as per the recommendations from the manufacturer.
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Unmatched Purity and Consistency with Lugol's Iodine Solution, 1% Concentration

Scientific provisions require nothing short of precision, purity, and consistency. With this in mind, our 1% Lugol's Iodine Solution promises an unbeatable assurance of these vital attributes. Manufactured to the highest standards of chemical purity, this solution supports a broad spectrum of laboratory and diagnostic applications.

Superior Grade Iodine Solution

Our Lugol's Iodine Solution stands as an exemplary chemical product, maintaining a consistent composition of 1% Iodine and 2% Potassium Iodide. The solvent of choice for this top-tier product is distilled water, facilitating exceptionally pure and reliable results.

Delivered in a Protective Opaque Glass Bottle

Every 1L of Lugol's Iodine Solution is meticulously secured in an opaque glass bottle. This design suits the light-sensitive nature of iodine, thereby significantly minimizing chemical degradation and promising longevity in product potency.

Optimal for Diagnostic Activities

An emphasized use of our Lugol's Iodine solution lies in Gram staining, a vital technique in microbiology. But it doesn't end there, this adaptable chemical reagent can be used across a vast number of applications, adding immense value to your laboratory processes.

Shelf Life and Disposal

The solution presents an impressive shelf-life of 36 months right from the manufacturing date. This long stretch is testament to the product's overall stability and quality. As for disposal, always opt to do it responsibly. Follow the recommended guidelines by the manufacturer.

Indeed, our Lugol's Iodine Solution in its 1L opaque glass bottle is a versatile addition to your laboratory, bringing forth precise and reliable results. Choose this value-packed solution for your next level diagnostic activities!

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