LT-AO25WN Refrigerated Circulator - Superior Cooling for Labs & Industry

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Discover the LT-AO25WN Refrigerated Circulator – your reliable and high-performance solution for industrial and laboratory cooling needs.

  • Temperature Control Range: Spanning from -105°C to -60°C
  • Cooling Capacity: Achieves 2.5kW at -60°C, with a maximum output of 5.5kW
  • User Interface: Equipped with an ASET multifunctional controller and compatibility with MODBUS RTU Protocol and RS 485 Interface
  • Pump Flow: Efficient fluid circulation with 20L/min, 0.7BAR and AC380V 50HZ power supply
  • Construction: Robustly built with cold-rolled steel and powered by a Tecumseh compressor
  • Dimensions and Weight: Stands at 500*680*1350 and weighs 235kg (for the water-cooled model)
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LT-AO25WN Refrigerated Circulator: Your Reliable, High-Performance Industrial & Laboratory Cooling Solution

The LT-AO25WN Refrigerated Circulator is a premium cooling device specifically engineered for the precise temperature needs of industrial and laboratory setups. Its advanced design and robust construction offer a synthesis of exceptional performance, energy-efficiency, and durability.

  • Wide Temperature Spectrum: With a reliable range from -105u00b0C to -60u00b0C, this unit ensures accurate temperature control for diverse applications.
  • Intuitive Control: Equipped with an ASET multifunctional controller, the LT-AO25WN delivers superior oversight and precise temperature regulation.
  • Outstanding Cooling Capacity: With a impressive cooling capacity of 2.5kW at -60u00b0C, all your temperature control needs are expertly catered to.
  • Efficient Circulation: The inbuilt circulation pump offers a maximum fluid flow of 20L/min, 0.7 BAR, thereby maximizing the efficiency of the device.
  • Durable, Robust Construction: The use of cold-rolled steel ensures a robust, long-lasting design that can withstand challenging conditions.
  • Compact, High-Performance Design: Measuring 500*680*1350 and weighing 235 kg, the compact LT-AO25WN does not compromise on performance or reliability. Operating on AC 380V 50HZ, it has a maximum power rating of 5.5kW.

Moreover, this advanced cooling unit leverages the MODBUS RTU Protocol and an RS 485 interface for smooth, uninterrupted functioning. It uses the eco-friendly R-404A refrigerant to enhance energy efficiency further. With a fluid storage capacity of 15L and an evaporator made from a plate heat exchanger, the LT-AO25WN Refrigerated Circulator is the perfect cooling solution for diverse industry-specific applications. Opt for the LT-AO25WN for the perfect balance between high-performance operation, energy efficiency, and enduring durability.

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