Advanced Low Temperature Medical Refrigerator | High Storage, Energy Efficient & Secure Cooling Solution

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The Advanced Low Temperature Medical Refrigerator: Supreme Freezing and Preservation is a top-tier medical fridge offering superior cooling between -30°C to -86°C, perfect for healthcare, industrial, and research uses.

  • Exceptional Cooling: Equipped with an SC system compressor and EBM fan for prime cooling.
  • Roomy: Features three inner doors and a 398L capacity, ideal for various storage needs.
  • Intelligent & Safe: Built with the LNEYA control system, it provides real-time temperature monitoring and alarms for power outages and sensor errors.

This eco-conscious and efficient model ensures top-notch performance while lessening environmental impact.

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Advanced Low Temperature Medical Refrigerator: Supreme Freezing and Preservation

Bring efficiency to your medical and research procedures with our Advanced Low Temperature Medical Refrigerator. Designed for optimum performance and incorporating innovative technology, this refrigerator offers a temperature range of -30u00b0C to -86u00b0C, ensuring optimal preservation conditions for various biological samples and chemical substances.

Key Features

  • Model DW-8L398S with significant storage capacity of 398L enables large-scale storage for laboratories.
  • State-of-the-art SC system compressor coupled with EBM fan assures consistent performance with high reliability.
  • Advanced single compressor cascade technology elevates energy efficiency and minimizes failure rates.
  • Equipped with a 7-inch color touchscreen facilitating easy operation and real-time temperature monitoring.
  • Security system featuring an electromagnetic lock and a padlock hole for restricted access, safeguarding your precious samples and substances.
  • Durable inner construction of SUS304 and an external cold rolled steel case make the refrigerator resistant to any wear and tear.
  • High and low-pressure protection with display as well as power outage and sensor fault alarms to fortify safety.

Eco-Friendly Engineering

Demonstrating our commitment to sustainability, this refrigerator utilizes a fluoride-free mixed refrigerant, reducing environmental impact. Bring home a green solution for your cooling needs.

Swift & Safe Delivery

Securely packaged in a wooden crate to ensure complete protection, our lead delivery time is 25 working days by sea.

The Advanced Low Temperature Medical Refrigerator, with its pivotal features and environment-friendly design, bridges the gap between advanced preservation needs and sustainability.

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