LD-4W Low Temperature Freezer: Reliable, Efficient & Durable Laboratory Freezing Solutions

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The LD-4W Low Temperature Freezer presents a high-quality, efficient, and reliable solution for laboratory freezing and storage requirements. Maintaining temperatures from -40u00b0C to -86u00b0C, it ensures the integrity and longevity of diverse samples. Significant features encapsulate:

  • Capacity: Handles up to 200 liters
  • Robust Construction: Features a high-density polyurethane foam insulation with a stainless steel interior
  • Accurate Control: Employs a microprocessor-based system with real-time alerts
  • Eco-Friendly Refrigeration: Uses CFC-free refrigerant in a noise-controlled compressor
  • Fail-Safe Backup: Equipped with a battery backup for safeguarding against potential power disruptions
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LD-4W Low Temperature Freezer: Advanced and Efficient Storage for Laboratories

The LD-4W Low Temperature Freezer offers a ground-breaking storage solution that redefines the concept of laboratory freezing. With its vast temperature range of -40°C to -86°C, this high-performance freezer stands out for the optimal storage and preservation of multifarious samples and specimens. From capacity to functionality, the LD-4W low temperature freezer ensures top-notch results with efficiency and reliability.

Unbeatable Features of the LD-4W Low Temperature Freezer:

  • Impressive temperature range of -40°C to -86°C for diverse types of sample storage.
  • Stupendous capacity of 200 liters to meet all your voluminous storage requirements.
  • Stainless steel interior to ensure durability and long-lasting performance.
  • High-density polyurethane foam for superior insulation and effective heat preservation.
  • Double-layered, vacuum-sealed door with lock for added security and temperature preservation.
  • Digital LCD display for accurate temperature monitoring.
  • Integrated alarm system with audible and visual alerts for any temperature adjustments.
  • Power supply supporting 220V, 50Hz for optimum performance.

Engineering Excellence:

  • High-quality, low noise compressor for supreme cooling.
  • Eco-friendly CFC-free refrigerant, promoting green sustainability.
  • Forced air cooling system for consistent and uniform cooling throughout the freezer.
  • Microprocessor-managed temperature control for precision and accuracy.
  • Battery backup system maintaining alarm functions and temperature display during power outages.

Armed with an array of advanced features and stellar reliability, the LD-4W Low Temperature Freezer is your ideal partner for laboratory freezing needs. Protect the integrity and extend the shelf life of your valuable samples with this premium device!

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