Ultra-low Temperature Freezer: Unmatched Precision in Low-Temperature Storage Solutions

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Ultra-low Temperature Freezer: Advanced Low-Temperature Equipment is a superior choice for temperature-sensitive storage in research labs and medical facilities. It offers:

  • Varying temperature range between -80°C to -30°C, ideal for storing sensitive materials.
  • High cooling capacity from 4kW (3440Kcal/h) to 18kW (15480Kcal/h), ensuring efficient and rapid cooling.
  • Uniform cooling with an integrated circulation pump.
  • Four distinct models – LD-4W, LD-6W, LD-8W, and LD-12W, with differing pump and cooling capacities.
  • Easy integration into existing systems with varying inlet and outlet connections.
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Ultra-low Temperature Freezer: Advanced Low-Temperature Equipment

Introducing our Ultra-low Temperature Freezer—an advanced market-leading equipment that is meticulously engineered to meet all your low-temperature storage needs. Operating within a temperature range of -80°C to -30°C, this equipment functions with top-grade efficiency, durability, and reliability, ensuring optimal freezing conditions for your crucial assets.

Distinguished for its versatility, our Ultra-low Temperature Freezer comes in four distinct models—LD-4W, LD-6W, LD-8W, and LD-12W, each promising an excellent performance.

  • Powerful Cooling Capacity: Ranging between 6kW and 18kW (at -60°C) and between 4kW and 12kW (at -75°C), these freezers are capable of delivering impressive cooling outputs under rigorous demands, thereby ensuring their durability.
  • Consistent Operational Performance: Every model is equipped with a technologically advanced circulation pump, flowing from 6.6m³/h to 15m³/h and capable of reaching a maximum of 2.5 bars. This feature guarantees a steady and accurate temperature— a critical factor in applications that demand precision.
  • Seamless Integration: They come with an industry-standard inlet and outlet connection sizes, starting from DN-25 PN-10. This convenience allows for a seamless fit into your infrastructure.

Primarily designed for laboratories, research institutes, and medical facilities, this Ultra-low Temperature Freezer guarantees exact temperature controls and consistent performance—a must-have in conditions where strict temperature regulation is vital. With a relentless dedication to efficiency, quality, safety, and performance, this freezer is certain to stand up to your most rigorous ultra-low temperature needs.

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