Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer LD-4W: Unmatched Cooling Solution for Laboratories and Medical Facilities

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Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer LD-4W: Premium Cooling Solution for Laboratories and Medical Facilities

Our Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer LD-4W offers optimal cooling performance, ranging from -80u00b0C to -30u00b0C, ideal for research labs and medical centers. Its unique features include a 7-inch color touchscreen display and reinforced safety measures including high-pressure protection and over-current protection.

  • Multiple Models: Besides LD-4W, other models like LD-6W, LD-8W, LD-12W are available for different cooling capacities.
  • High performance and Durability: The premium build of this device with SUS304 and steel ensures longevity and resistance to corrosion.
  • Packaging:Each freeze is securely packaged, promising safe transportation to the destination.
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Revolutionizing Cooling and Storage with the Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer LD-4W

The Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer LD-4W is a groundbreaking product that delivers exceptional cooling capabilities, customizable for diverse laboratory, medical, and research needs. Ranging in temperature capacity from -80u00b0C to -30u00b0C, this modern tool enhances temperature control accuracy and intensify protection against temperature-based data loss.

Whether you need to store cell cultures, biological samples, or temperature-sensitive materials, the Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer LD-4W provides secure, reliable, and steady cooling conditions. The versatile nature of this freezer can accommodate an array of requirements, making it a timeless addition to any professional setting.

  • Multiple models available (LD-4W, LD-6W, LD-8W, LD-12W) with varying cooling capacities to suit your dedicated specifications.
  • Incorporated with a 7-inch color touch screen display, it allows for simple operation and efficient, accurate data monitoring.
  • Features an innovative closed circulation system to prevent oil mist at high temperatures and water vapor at low temperatures, ensuring the optimal working environment.
  • Durably constructed with quality materials like premium SUS304 for pipings and expansion tanks, making it a long-lasting addition for the long run. The external casing is precision-engineered with robust steel that reinforces dependability and durability.
  • Offers high-end safety protection features such as high-pressure protect, supply cut-off protection, over-current protection to guard against potential malfunctions and damages.
  • The LD-12W model, with its powerful 43kW maximum power, ensures the heaviest-duty applications are covered with ease.
  • Every Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer LD-4W is securely packaged in wooden case packing and delivered in adherence to strict industry standards.
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The Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer LD-4W stands as a testament to technological advancement, performance excellence, and workspace efficiency. It provides steadfast cooling solutions that reinvents your workspace capabilities.


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