Superior MQ-LNS: Premium Nutritional Supplement for Optimal Child Growth

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Product: Superior MQ-LNS: Nutritional Supplement for Children Over 6 Months

  • Targeted: Created for healthy growth and development in children aged 6 months+.
  • Energy: Provides 510-560 kcal for active children.
  • Nutrition: Contains 11-16g protein, 26-36g lipid, 2.6-6.10g Omega-6, and 0.3-1.8g Omega-3.
  • Shelf Life: Guarantees a 24 month duration for nutrition continuity.
  • Safety: No hazardous chemicals or CAS references, endorsing child protection.
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Superior MQ-LNS: Enhance Your Child's Health with a Superior Nutritional Boost

The Superior Medium Quantity Lipid-Based Nutritional Supplement (MQ-LNS), an advanced wellness product, is your paramount choice in combating malnutrition. Targeting children aged six months and beyond, this exceptional product comprises specially selected essential nutrients in a 50g sachet for delivery of roughly 267 kcal energy daily.

Key Benefits of MQ-LNS:

  • Provides around 267 kcal per 50g sachet, effectively satiating the daily energy requirement of growing children.
  • Enriched with proteins, lipids, and Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids to endorse superior growth.
  • Packed with vital vitamins such as A, C, D, E, B-complex and important minerals like calcium, phosphorous, potassium, zinc, and iron for holistic nutrition.
  • Devised with heat-treated oil seeds, pulses or cereals, sugar, milk powder, vegetable oils, vitamins, and minerals for comprehensive nutrition.
  • A single box contains 300 sachets, ensuring uninterrupted nutritional aid.
  • Recommended for daily consumption, this supplement aids in preventing and managing malnutrition in young children.
  • Boasts a considerable shelf life of 24 months to ensure consistent delivery of essential nutrients over time.

Storage and Usage:

To ensure optimal nutritional value, store MQ-LNS in a dry, cool place below 30 degrees Celsius. Avoid extreme conditions to maintain product quality and longevity.

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