LNEYA Ultra-low Temperature Freezer LD-4W: Superior Cooling Solution for Industrial and Bio-Scientific Use

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The LNEYA Ultra-low Temperature Freezer – LD-4W offers an unmatched cooling solution for a variety of applications in an array of industry settings.

  • High-quality Models: Includes diverse options such as LD-4W, LD-6W, LD-8W, and LD-12W
  • Advanced Temperature Capability: Impressive temperature range from -80u00b0C to -30u00b0C
  • Superior Characteristics: Features state-of-the-art closed circulation system and a 7-inch color touch screen, fortified with multiple safety protection features
  • Diverse Applicability: Ideal for biological research labs, pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, clinics, food storage facilities, and chemical and industrial laboratories
  • Reliable Warranty: Provides a 1-year warranty from the purchase date
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An Unrivalled Cooling Solution: 'LNEYA Ultra-low Temperature Freezer - LD-4W'

The 'LNEYA Ultra-low Temperature Freezer - LD-4W' is a high-end scientific refrigeration solution, designed to bring unrivalled performance, robust construction, and safety features. This state-of-the-art freezer is ideal for episodic freezing requirements, offering a wide temperature range from -80°C to -30°C, for varying application needs both in industrial and bio-scientific sectors.

As a hallmark of advanced engineering, this top-tier freezing solution is equipped with an ingenious closed circulation system, ensuring a stable and safe environment for your stored products. This closed system prevents oil mist at high temperatures and water vapor at low temperatures, reinforcing its versatile application.

Key Features

  • Product Type: Ultra-low Temperature Freezer
  • Model: LD-4W
  • Temperature Range: -80°C to -30°C
  • Cooling Capacity: Optimised for varied applications
  • Control System: Single-chip microcomputer controller for accurate temperature control
  • Operation Panel: 7-inch color touch screen for user-friendly operation
  • Safety Protection: Comprehensive safety features for unequivocal reliability

The LD-4W model is designed to improve work-efficiency, as the 7-inch color touchscreen facilitates seamless operation. Its single-chip microcomputer controller guarantees precise temperature control, ensuring your material's optimal preservation. Prioritize safety with top-level safety protection measures that ensure your workplace remains uncompromised despite any potential system failures.

The 'LNEYA Ultra-low Temperature Freezer - LD-4W' guarantees high quality and stable cooling performance in a package that is carefully built to last. With delivery lead time as short as 25 days, your high-quality, efficient, and safe low-temperature storage solution can be quickly integrated into your operations.

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