LNEYA Low-Temperature Freezer -80 Degree LD-4W: The Leading Edge in Innovative Freezing Solutions

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The LNEYA Low Temperature Freezer -80 Degree LD-4W is a powerful storage solution engineered for labs, research, and pharmaceutical environments. It ensures consistent and efficient ultra-low temperature storage.

  • Temperature Range: -80°C to -30°C provides freedom of temperature settings for diverse use.
  • Storage Capacity: Customizable with an optional 200L cold storage tank.
  • Efficient Circulation: Supports superior coolant circulation with its 6.6m³/h pump.
  • Reliable Compressor: Comes with a Standard Copeland or an optional BOCK piston compressor.
  • Control System: Integrated with a single-chip microcomputer controller; SIEMENS S7-200PLC & Module optional.
  • Safety Measures: Includes high pressure, over-current, leakage, sequential and phase failure, and high temperature protections.
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Revolutionize Your Freezing Needs with LNEYA Low-Temperature Freezer -80 Degree LD-4W

Introducing the forefront of freezing technology, the LNEYA Low-Temperature Freezer -80 Degree LD-4W. This product ushers in a new age of superior cooling, offering a temperature range of -80°C to -30°C to cater to a variety of applications.

Key Features

  • Robust Cooling Capacity: The freezer boasts a notable cooling capacity of 6kW at -60°C and 4kW at -75°C, effectively ensuring top-notch temperature control.
  • State-of-the-Art Operation Panel: Incorporated is a dynamic 7-inch color touch screen display for seamless user interaction, temperature curve record, and easy data exportation in Excel format.
  • Reliable Safety Protection: The freezer comes with built-in safety features including high pressure, water shortage, overcurrent, leakage, sequential and phase failure, high-temperature and sensor protection.
  • Effortless Control: It uses a standard single-chip microcomputer controller for easy operation, with an optional SIEMENS S7-200PLC Module for improved efficiency.
  • Optimized Cooling System: The design features a shell and tube water-cooled condenser and a Brazed-plate heat exchanger. Optionally, a stainless-steel tube can be added.


  • Model: LD-4W
  • Temperature Range: -80u00b0C to -30u00b0C
  • Cooling Capacity: 6kW (-60u00b0C), 4kW (-75u00b0C)
  • Inlet & Outlet Connection Size: DN-25 PN-10
  • Water-Cooled Type W: 10mu00b3/h
  • Cold Storage Tank (Optional): 200L
  • Expansion Tank (Standard): 100L
  • Compressor: Standard Copeland compressor, optional BOCK piston compressor
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