LNEYA Circulation Chiller SUNDI-725WN: Advanced Temperature Control System for Superior Precision

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Achieve top-notch temperature control with the LNEYA Circulation Chiller SUNDI-725WN, designed for high precision and effectiveness. The range covers -70°C to 250°C and incorporates:

  • Advanced control mode: Utilizes feed-forward PID and dynamic calculation
  • Outstanding temperature accuracy: Up to ±1°C
  • High heating power: Varies from 2500W to 15000W
  • Sophisticated features: Equipped with a 7-inch color touch screen controller for records and data exportation
  • Safety measures: Enhanced protections with self-diagnostic capabilities

This reliable, globally-available chiller satisfies stringent temperature control demands.

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The LNEYA Circulation Chiller SUNDI-725WN is a revolutionary temperature control system designed to ensure consistent, precise temperature management across a diverse temperature range (-70°C to 250°C). Cart your temperature regulations to the next level with this highly efficient chiller equipped with forward-thinking technology.

The SUNDI-725WN Chiller features a unique control mode incorporating feed forward PID and dynamic control calculation. This innovative function allows the system to swiftly adjust, exhibiting incredible adaptability and reaction speed for high-precision temperature control. Tailor your operations between process temperature control and jacket oil temperature control, to suit your industry-specific needs.

  • It assures temperature accuracy within ±1°C, setting a benchmark in precision.
  • With the heating power range from 2500W-15000W, the chiller combats intense temperature environments effortlessly.
  • An integrated Copeland compressor and a Danfoss expansion valve ensure enduring reliability, energy efficiency and an extended life span of the device.
  • The Chiller incorporates a 7-inch color touch screen controller. This interactive feature provides a user-friendly interface, promotes easy operation, and stores the temperature curve data for export in excel format for detailed analysis.
  • It has a self-diagnosis mechanism and multiple safety protections installed to safeguard user's interests as well as maintain optimum equipment performance.
  • The chiller sports a fully closed circulation system with an automatic oil supplement feature at low temperature, which elevates the equipment's performance drastically.
  • Variety of power options from 220V 50HZ to 440V~480V 60HZ three-phase prove it to be versatile catering to specific user needs and applications.

The LNEYA Circulation Chiller SUNDI-725WN, packaged in a sturdy wooden case for protection during global shipping, is your go-to solution for superior and reliable temperature control. Emerge a leader in your industry with this high-performing, energy-efficient, and user-safe temperature control machine.

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