LNEYA Circulation Chillers SUNDI-725WN - Optimal Lab Cooling Solution

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LNEYA Circulation Chillers SUNDI-725WN: Premium, high-performing laboratory cooling solution, capable of delivering temperature control from -70°C to 250°C. Equipped with advanced Feed Forward PID Control Mode and innovative PLC controller. Features straightforward control and monitoring through a 7-inch color touchscreen interface. Ensures user safety with self-diagnosis, overload protection, a high-pressure switch, and a thermal protection device. Optimized for sealed operation, preventing oil mist and water vapor. Boasts a long-lasting, corrosion-resistant construction with SUS 304 stainless steel

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LNEYA Circulation Chillers SUNDI-725WN: Premium Laboratory Precision Cooling Solution

The LNEYA Circulation Chillers SUNDI-725WN is expertly designed with cutting-edge technology, offering a high-end, customized cooling solution for laboratories with strict temperature control requirements. Reliable, efficient, and user-friendly, this unit tackles the wide-ranging needs of laboratories with aplomb.

  • Designed with the user in mind, this chiller has a broad temperature range from -70°C to 250°C, accommodating a myriad of temperature-sensitive processes.
  • Featuring advanced Feed Forward PID Control Mode, this instrument manages control calculation accurately alongside a PLC controller for guaranteed precision in temperature regulation.
  • Equipped with a large 7-inch color touch screen controller, it effortlessly captures temperature curve and expedites data in Excel format, combining ease of use with innovative technology.
  • This chiller boasts a comprehensive safety protection system, which includes self-diagnosis function, overload protection, a high-pressure switch, and a thermal protection device to uphold the highest operational standards.
  • The unit employs a closed-loop system, inhibiting oil mist at high temperature and water vapor at low temperature, which further enhances its operational efficiency and durability.
  • Constructed with superior grade SUS 304 stainless steel, the chiller guarantees both longevity and maintained aesthetic appeal even after extensive use.

Summing up, the LNEYA Circulation Chillers SUNDI-725WN is the blend of cutting-edge technology, versatility, reliability, safety, and efficiency, positioning it as an ideal laboratory precision cooling solution.

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