LNEYA Circulation Chillers SUNDI-725WN - High Precision Cooling

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Experience the superior performance of the LNEYA Circulation Chillers SUNDI-725WN, designed for impeccable refrigeration. Offering a temperature range of -70u2103 to 250u2103 with ultra-precise accuracy. Key details:

  • Control Mode: Advanced feed forward PID, coupled with a PLC controller for exact temperature management
  • Temperature Control: Select between process temperature control or jacket oil temperature control
  • Construction: Durable, crafted with SUS 304 material

Please note, the delivery timetable is around 25 days and sample provision is not available

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Introducing the LNEYA Circulation Chillers SUNDI-725WN

Embrace the ultimate cooling solution with exceptional precision and superior temperature control with the LNEYA Circulation Chillers SUNDI-725WN. Built for high-precision, intense cooling applications, this industry-leading product comes with a versatile temperature range of -70°C to 250°C. Backed by advanced refrigeration technology and made using robust SUS 304 material, this circulation chiller offers unparalleled durability, promising maximum operational efficiency and long-lasting service.

Optimized For Performance

The SUNDI-725WN is built with state-of-the-art design principles and high-caliber components, ensuring high performance and reliability in various operations. It arrives securely encased within a wooden case to guarantee safety during transportation.

Dynamic Control System

  • Equipped with a sophisticated dynamic control system that incorporates a feed-forward PID and a PLC controller providing precision and consistency in temperature regulation.

Customizable Temperature Control

  • Choose from two temperature control options: process temperature control or jacket oil temperature control, tailored for the specific needs of your operations.

Programming and Integrated Systems

  • Navigate effortlessly through 20 different programs, each with 45 editable steps, using the inbuilt program editor.
  • Simplified interaction with MODBUS RTU Protocol and RS 485 interface, ensuring effortless integration with other systems.

Precision Temperature Monitoring

  • Temperature accuracy is guaranteed with a dual-temperature feedback system through heat-conducting medium PT100 and a raw material process PT100.
  • Guaranteed temperature accuracy of ±1°C.

Variety of Heating Power

  • A range of flexible heating power options from 2500W to 15000W to suit various application needs.
  • Eco-friendly and efficient refrigerant, R-404A R23, is employed for optimized performance.


Please note that samples are not provided for this product. However, we ensure a prompt and efficient delivery in a lead time of 25 days. Experience the premium temperature control solution today with the LNEYA Circulation Chillers SUNDI-725WN.

Equipped For All Your Needs

With superior technology and customizability, this chiller is not just a product—it’s a solution, tailored for all your intense cooling applications.

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