LNEYA 2015 High Temperature Circulator SUNDI-725WN: Precision-Control & User-Friendly

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The LNEYA 2015 High Temperature Circulator SUNDI-725WN excels in precise thermal regulation over a broad temperature range of -70u2103 to 250u2103. It incorporates advanced controls such as feed-forward PID and PLC with a capacity to execute 20 programmable action sequences involving 45 steps per sequence. Its framework is of durable SUS 304 material offering maximum wear and corrosion resistance. With a 7-inch tactile screen, it offers an intuitive experience for accurate data visualization.

  • Temperature Range: -70u2103~250u2103
  • Precise Regulation: Feed-forward PID, PLC controller
  • Flexible Programming: 20 programs with 45 editable steps each
  • Sturdy Composition: Resistant to wear and corrosion courtesy of SUS 304 material
  • Intuitive Interface: 7-inch touch-screen controller ensuring easy navigation
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The LNEYA 2015 High Temperature Circulator SUNDI-725WN: A Blend of Precision and User-Friendly Design

Meet the LNEYA 2015 High Temperature Circulator SUNDI-725WN – your solution to high temperature control needs in an array of applications. Engineered to provide peak temperature regulation ranging from -70°C to 250°C, this preeminent high-temperature circulator sets the benchmark for thermal management technologies.

At the core of this robust machine is the synthesis of an advanced Feed-forward PID dynamic control algorithm and PLC controller, delivering sublime temperature accuracy and valuable feedback. The intuitive 7-inch color touch screen controller gives users detailed control over temperature curve records and enables data exports to Excel, thus offering unparalleled control and flexibility.

Key Features:

  • Vast Temperature Range: Possesses a comprehensive temperature range from -70°C to 250°C.
  • Superior Control Mechanism: Imbued with a Feed-forward PID and PLC controller for enhanced precision.
  • Detailed Program Editor: Furnishes 20 individual programs, each containing 45 steps for perfect adjustments and fine-tuning.
  • Seamless Communication Protocol: Fitted with MODBUS RTU Protocol and RS 485 Interface for effortless integration.
  • Precision Temperature Feedback: Temperature recording through heat-conducting medium and raw material process using PT100.
  • Versatile Heating Power: Offers a broad spectrum, ranging between 2500W and 15000W.
  • Robust Circulation Pump: Equipped with a high-powered circulation pump boasting a capacity between 20L/min and 110L/min.
  • Reliable Components: Assembled with quality components including a durable Compressor, Expansion valve, and Oil separator from esteemed brands like Copeland, Danfoss, and Emerson.
  • Effective Refrigeration: Utilizes R-404A R23 Refrigerant.

Additional to its exquisite features, the LNEYA 2015 High Temperature Circulator SUNDI-725WN encompasses a spectrum of safety features, including a self-diagnosis function, overload protection, high-pressure switch, thermal protection device, low-level protection, and high-temperature protection. Enclosed in a robust and resilient SUS 304 casing, this high-temperature circulator promises longevity and durability.

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