Top-Quality Rectangular Mosquito Net – Aesthetic & Durable Mosquito Defense System

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Top-Quality Rectangular Mosquito Net | Robust & Aesthetic Mosquito Protection | 100% Polyester

  • Made from durable and robust 100% polyester for longevity.
  • Incorporates WHO-approved mosquito repellent for top-notch safety.
  • Features a unique monofilament net design with 24 pores per cm2 for optimal ventilation and mosquito blockage.
  • Conforms to Class 1 fire safety standards providing enhanced safety.
  • Offers easy and economical maintenance, eliminating the need for bleach, ironing, or dry-cleaning.
  • Supported by a persistent Quality Certification assuring trustworthy performance.
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Top-Quality Rectangular Mosquito Net: Robust & Aesthetic Mosquito Protection

Experience superior safety and style with our top-of-the-line Rectangular Mosquito Net, a perfect blend of elegance and practicality. This 100% polyester net provides highly effective protection against disease-carrying mosquitoes and insects, thereby improving the quality of your living environment.

Premier Insect Defense with Exceptional Durability

Our Rectangular Mosquito Net is made with warp-knitted, monofilament fabric to guarantee optimal resilience. Its robust durability withstands extensive wear, thanks to a fabric weight of 40 g/m²+/-5% and a thickness of 100 denier +/-5%. More than 24 holes per square cm ensure a formidable barrier against mosquitoes and insects. Even after washing, the net retains its versatile dimensions of 190 x 180 x 180 cm (LxWxH) +/-5%, offering consistent comfort and a user-friendly experience.

Superior Safety and Eco-Friendly Design

The net achieves Class 1 fire safety certification, adding another layer of protection for your home. The incorporation of a WHO PQ approved insecticide fortifies the net's defenses against mosquito-borne diseases. Our eco-friendly approach extends to packaging, with each Rectangular Mosquito Net coming in a biodegradable bag with clear labels and instructions. This net's non-hazardous material also allows for easy shipping according to Material Safety Data Sheet guidelines.

Stylish Aesthetics

Our Rectangular Mosquito Net, available in white, blue, and green, easily complements a variety of home decor styles and individual tastes. This product beautifully merges utility with style, allowing you to enhance your living space while also ensuring your safety from health risks posed by mosquitoes. Choose our Rectangular Mosquito Net for a lifestyle representative of protection, quality, and tasteful design.

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