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Secure your peace of mind with the Rectangular Mosquito Net – Ultimate Insect Protection with Quality and Style. Made with 100% Polyethylene, this durable net is designed for long-term use. It’s treated with WHOPQ-approved insecticide, ensuring lasting effectiveness. With 56 holes/inch2, this net offers a high degree of insect protection. Easy to clean with a washing stability grade of 8A at 30°C. It also meets Fire Safety Class 1 standards for added safety. Available in white, blue, or green to match various aesthetic preferences. Guidelines for product maintenance are included, making it user-friendly.

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Experience Ultimate Insect Protection with Our High-Quality Rectangular Mosquito Net

Fight off unwanted mosquito bites and sleep-depriving insect intrusions with our premium Rectangular Mosquito Net. Crafted to deliver unmatched protection against mosquitos and other insects, our net offers a peaceful sleep environment for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Robust Construction for Long-Term Use

This highly durable mosquito net is manufactured from 100% robust warp-knitted monofilament Polyethylene, featuring a hefty 120-150 denier rating. Perfectly suited to withstand everyday wear, our net guarantees a cost-effective solution to mosquito protection that lasts.

Guaranteed Total Protection

  • A netting of 56 holes per square inch effectively blocks even the smallest insects.
  • A remarkable 350 kPa bursting strength guarantees unrivalled performance.
  • Consistently high performance maintained even after frequent washes.
  • Safety is our priority. We ensure all our nets comply with Class 1 fire safety standards.

A Breeze to Install and Keep Up

Enjoy effortless installation with our six reinforced loops. Each of our eco-packaged mosquito nets also include care instructions in the package - making maintenance a breeze.

Aesthetic Appeal Meets Protection

With soothing shades of white, blue, and green available, our Rectangular Mosquito Net complements your room’s design while providing superior protection.

An Investment in Comfort and Protection

Our Rectangular Mosquito Net is designed to give you the serene sleep experience that you deserve, free from the disturbance of mosquito and insect bites. Safeguard your peaceful sleep environment with our Rectangular Mosquito Net today.

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