LLIN 180x160x150cm Polyethylene Mosquito Net: Ultimate Mosquito Protection

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The LLIN 180x160x150cm Polyethylene Mosquito Net offers superior defense against mosquito-transmitted diseases. Key features:

  • Long-lasting: Made of 100% Polyethylene ensuring lasting effectiveness.
  • Superior Protection: Uses a WHO PQ certified insecticide for superior mosquito deterrence.
  • Eco-sensitive: Packaged in a biodegradable bag demonstrating our commitment to ecological responsibility.

The product is available in three colors, seamlessly combining safety, ease-of-use, and environmental concern. Follow the included instructions for optimum maintenance and sustained protection.

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Protect Yourself from Mosquito-borne Diseases with LLIN 180x160x150cm Polyethylene Mosquito Net

Living in regions where mosquito population is rampant and the risk of mosquito-borne diseases is high, requires the use of reliable protection. With the LLIN 180x160x150cm Polyethylene Mosquito Net, you not only ensure a good night's sleep but also ward off harmful insects such as mosquitoes that pose a threat to your health.

Premium Quality and Protection

Our LLIN Mosquito Net is specially designed with 100% sturdy polyethylene. Its substantial size and superior features offer all-around protection against harmful insects.

  • Quite large with generous dimensions of 180x160x150 cm for expansive coverage.
  • Built with 100% robust polyethylene of top-notch 120-150 denier density for long-lasting durability.
  • Insecticide approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) for comprehensive mosquito deterrence.
  • Available in several color options, including white, blue, and green to harmonize with your interior decoration.
  • Fashionable design that couples aesthetic appeal with functionality, featuring 56 holes per square inch for ample protection and airflow.
  • Resilient structure with a minimum bursting strength of 350 kPa.
  • Quality assurance with systematic testing to confirm product reliability.

Efficient and User-friendly Design

Our LLIN Mosquito Net is not only effective but also convenient to use and care for. Here's how you can maintain its optimal performance:

Routinely clean the net with a gentle wash at a warm temperature of 30°C to keep it fresh. Avoid using harsh detergents or cleaning methods that can degrade the fabric or the insecticide's potency.

To enhance the net's lifespan, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods, be ironed, or dry cleaned. Likewise, it is advisable not to use drying machines.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

We believe in building a safer and healthier environment. Thus, our packaging is eco-friendly and ensures that it does not add to the environmental burden. Each package includes detailed maintenance instructions and specifications.

Achieve a peaceful night's sleep and stay protected with our LLIN 180x160x150cm Polyethylene Mosquito Net. Welcome tranquility and protection into your home now.

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