Superior Quality Rectangular Mosquito Net: Premium Bug Protection and Unrivalled Durability

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Ensure the best protection against mosquitoes with the Superior Quality Rectangular Mosquito Net sized180x160x150 cm. Key product features are:

  • Durable & Efficient: Constructed out of reliable Polyester.
  • Highly Resistant: Warp-Knitted Fabric ensuring durability and pest resistance.
  • Advanced Protection: Uses a WHO PQ-qualified insecticide.
  • Green Packaging: Biodegradable packaging for eco-friendliness.
  • Certified Quality: Validated by quality certification.
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Experience top-tier tranquility and safety with our 'Superior Quality Rectangular Mosquito Net.' Crafted with 100% durable polyester, this premium inseparable accessory offers comprehensive protection from bothersome insects, ensuring uninterrupted relaxation or sleep. Its remarkable resilience ensures lasting protection without compromising the appeal of your space. Apart from its high functional utility, it adds an elegant touch to your surroundings with its array of colors -- white, blue, and green.

Key Product Features:

  • Exceptional Lightweight: With an impressive weight range of 30-40 g/m2, the net is incredibly easy to handle and arrange, further augmented by its robust durability.
  • Effectual Design: The net features a meticulously crafted design with a minimum of 24 holes/cm2, ensuring top-rate protection and preventing the smallest pests from infiltrating your secure environment.
  • Supreme Safety: This net also covers your safety needs with a Class 1 fire safety rating, a testament to our commitment towards implementing the strictest safety standards.
  • Advanced Insect-Repellence: Further imbued with a potent insecticide, the net serves as an active deterrent, repelling mosquitoes and other insects from your sanctuary.

Every 'Superior Quality Rectangular Mosquito Net' comes complete with clear product specifications and washing guidelines, promoting transparency and user-friendliness. The net is also quality certified, with individual batch numbers provided for enhanced product traceability. Each mosquito net is packed in a biodegradable bag, adhering to our policy of environmental responsibility. Accounting for product safety and user welfare, these mosquito nets are shipped as non-hazardous materials within resilient polyethylene bags.

Environmental Responsibility:

Our product line-up is aligned with the objective of environmental sustainability, right from our offerings down to packaging. Packed responsibly in a biodegradable bag, every mosquito net demonstrates our tireless commitment to custodianship of the environment.

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