Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump SK-42: Environment-Friendly Industrial Solution

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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump SK-42: Robust, High-Performance, Water-Powered Industrial Pump

Meet the Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump SK-42, a water-powered pump engineered for demanding industrial use. Perfect for distillation, evaporation, and filtration processes, it delivers high performance with a flow rate of 1000 m3/h and a vacuum pressure of 200 mbar.

  • Model: SK-42
  • Power Source: Water
  • Vacuum Pressure: 200 mbar
  • Flow Rate: 1000 m3/h
  • Safety features: Equip with overload and temperature monitoring
  • Warranty: Backed by a one-year warranty from date of purchase
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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump SK-42: Power-Packed, Green-Solution for Industrial Requirements

Introducing the Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump SK-42, a top-tier, eco-friendly industrial pump equipped with advanced technology and water-powered capabilities. Featuring optimal performance, exceptional longevity, and all-around versatility, this pump is specifically devised to improve and magnify the outcomes of vital processes like distillation, evaporation, and filtration in diverse sectors.

Prime Features:

  • Water-Driven: SK-42, fuelled by water, stands a notch above the traditional set-ups owing to its high efficiency and environmentally friendly nature by reducing non-renewable energy reliance.
  • Liquid Ring Mechanism: Adopts the novel liquid ring technology, this pump ensures superior performance and longevity. This innovative design escalates the vacuum pressure generation process's effectiveness, making it a consistent and sustainable solution to industry-specific needs.
  • Wide-Spectrum Application: Its unique aligning with various industrial processes, including distillation, evaporation, filtration and more, testifies its indispensability in the industry.
  • Worldwide Utility: With a robust and proficient design, it has earned the trust of numerous sectors across the globe, ranging from North America to the Middle East and Asia.

Industrial Applications:

Globally acclaimed, the Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump SK-42 is instrumental in diverse industry sectors. It has become a linchpin in pharmaceuticals, food processing, oil & gas industry, and the chemical and petrochemical production sectors. Offering massive utility, it stands as a treasure for any industry relying massively on distillation, evaporation, and filtration processes.

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