Lipase A Candida antarctica Recombinant Powder - Beige

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Lipase A Candida antarctica Recombinant Powder – Beige

  • Derived from Aspergillus oryzae
  • High purity, ~2 units/mg
  • 9001-62-1
  • Enhances enzymatic reactions for various applications
  • Provides efficient catalysis for lipid hydrolysis
  • Stable and reliable performance
  • Ideal for use in pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries
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Lipase A Candida antarctica Recombinant Powder - Beige

Introducing Lipase A derived from Candida antarctica, a recombinant powder in a delightful beige hue. With its high purity and impressive enzymatic activity, this lipase is ideal for various biochemical applications. Known for its remarkable stability and efficiency, this lipase is an indispensable tool for researchers and professionals in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.


  • Powder form: The lipase is provided in a convenient powder form, allowing for easy handling and accurate dosing.
  • Beige color: The beige color of Lipase A contributes to its aesthetic appeal, distinguishing it from other enzymes and facilitating identification during laboratory procedures.
  • High purity: Lipase A boasts an impressive level of purity, allowing for precise experimentation and minimizing the risk of unwanted side reactions.
  • Enzymatic activity: With an approximate enzymatic activity of ~2 units/mg, Lipase A offers exceptional catalytic performance, enabling efficient and rapid hydrolysis of various substrates.
  • Substrate specificity: This recombinant lipase exhibits a wide substrate specificity, making it suitable for a broad range of applications. It can effectively hydrolyze esters, triglycerides, fats, and oils, offering versatility in enzymatic reactions.
  • Stability: Lipase A from Candida antarctica exhibits remarkable stability under various conditions, including a wide pH range and elevated temperatures. This stability ensures consistent enzyme activity over extended reaction times.


  • Biocatalysis: Lipase A can be used as a biocatalyst in enzymatic reactions for the production of fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, and flavor compounds. Its high specificity and efficiency make it an excellent choice for these processes.
  • Detergent industry: The lipase's ability to hydrolyze triglycerides and remove fatty stains makes it an invaluable ingredient in laundry detergents, stain removers, and dishwashing detergents. Its stability and effectiveness in breaking down oils and greases contribute to superior cleaning performance.
  • Food industry: Lipase A can be utilized in the food industry for a variety of purposes. It can enhance flavor by releasing volatile compounds during cheese aging and fermentation processes. Additionally, it is employed in the production of bakery products, where it assists in dough conditioning and bread improvement.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: With its ability to catalyze the synthesis of chiral intermediates and ester prodrugs, Lipase A plays a crucial role in pharmaceutical research and development. Its high efficiency and enantioselectivity make it an indispensable tool for the production of optically pure drugs.

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