Examination Mobile LED Light: Medical Precision Reinvented

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The Examination Mobile LED Light is a game-changing medical device providing unparalleled illumination for precise medical examinations and diagnostics. Its features include:

  • Focus Range: Minimum of 14 cm for precise diagnosis
  • Illumination Intensity: Remarkable 60,000 lux at 0.5m for excellent visibility
  • LED Life Expectancy: Over 40,000 hours, assuring long-term usage
  • Warranty: 2-year guarantee period, ensuring dependable service post purchase
  • Power Source: Comes with a rechargeable battery for continuous operation (extra charges apply)

This light stands as an essential tool designed to meet the demanding needs of the healthcare industry.

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Examination Mobile LED Light: High-Precision Medical Device for Enhanced Visibility

Engineered with groundbreaking technology, the Examination Mobile LED Light aims to revolutionize patient care by offering precise illumination and a suite of robust features that streamline medical examination procedures. This medical device is not just a tool but a partner to the medical professional, delivering a blend of innovation, convenience, and precision.

The device promises intense focus with a minimum illumination of 60,000 lux at 0.5m, providing a clear examination field, enhancing visibility and precision throughout any procedure.

Advanced Medical Device for Superior Patient Care

  • Adjustable height spanning 1.1m to 1.75m, coupled with an articulating arm ensures flexibility in patient examination and positions.
  • Heavy base construction guarantees optimum stability during procedures while the integration of five anti-static, swivel casters facilitates smooth mobility and steady operation.
  • With a color rendering index (CRI) of 95 and a color temperature of 4000k, this device simulates natural daylight, minimizing eye strain during prolonged procedures.
  • The device features a promising 40,000-hour LED lifespan, catering to the requirements of demanding medical practice schedules.
  • Adherence to international safety standards such as IEC 60601-1:2005 A1:2012(E), IEC 60601-1-2:2014, and IEC 60601-2-41 instills confidence in this device's safety and performance capabilities.
  • Optional rechargeable battery accessory provides an additional 2 hours of power, ensuring uninterrupted operation during procedures.

Quality and Sustainability Assured

Our Examination Mobile LED Light comes with an English assembly, usage, and maintenance guide to maximize its potential and longevity. Given its 10-year life expectancy, this sustainable product aligns with the manufacturer's ISO 13485 certification for stringent Quality Management Systems for Medical Devices.

Step into the future of medical examinations and minor surgeries with the Examination Mobile LED light—precision, quality, and reliability in your hands.

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