Quick Pain Relief - Lidocaine Injection 1%, Box of 20 Ampoules. Fast-acting Pain Management

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Quick Pain Relief – Lidocaine Injection 1% – 20ml Ampoules, Box of 20

Effectively alleviate pain with our Lidocaine 1% Injections, conveniently packed into 20ml ampoules. Each box contains 20 units, providing a reliable and quick solution for local or regional anesthesia purposes.

  • Active Ingredient: Contains 10mg/ml Lidocaine, a proven anesthetic compound
  • Volume: Each ampoule holds 20ml for easy dosage control
  • Packaging: Neatly packed into a box of 20 ampoules for ease of storage and transport
  • Application: Rapidly reduces pain and induces local numbness, enhancing patient comfort during procedures
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Experience Quick Pain Relief With Lidocaine Injection 1% - 20ml Ampoules

Ensure immediate relief from discomfort and pain with our Lidocaine 1% Injection. These 20ml ampoules, available in a set of 20, are your perfect solution for comprehensive medical applications.

The product features the active ingredient Lidocaine at a concentration of 10mg/ml, renowned for its fast-acting and highly dependable qualities in pain management. It makes it a primary choice for local or regional anesthesia, ensuring a precise and swift numbing effect needed for medical procedures. This is particularly useful in fields like midwifery and obstetrics and forms a vital part of the regulated IEHK2011 supplementary medical kit.

Each ampoule in the box holds a 20ml dosage securely enclosed in a safety-driven packaging which ensures the quality and effectiveness of the product are perfectly retained. You can trust our Lidocaine Injection 1% to provide timely and potent relief from pain and distress.

Compliant with the official guidelines set by the World Health Organization, this product finds utilization in a wide spectrum of medical applications. Laboratory-tested and promising safety in its usage, our Lidocaine 1% Injection will transform your pain management routine.

For specific usage instructions or information, the WHO's official guidelines form a comprehensive guide to ensure safe and effective use of this product.

Key Features

  • Active ingredient Lidocaine, concentration of 10mg/ml
  • Each box contains 20 ampoules, each filled with a dose of 20ml
  • Perfect for prompt local or regional anaesthesia
  • Secure packaging to retain product quality and effectiveness
  • Compliant with WHO guidelines for broad medical applications
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