Lidocaine 5%+Glucose 7.5% Injection - Rapid, Powerful, and Prolonged Pain Relief in 2ml Ampoules

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Lidocaine 5%+Glucose 7.5% Injection: Swift and Long-lasting Pain Relief

  • Potent Pain Relief: Highly effective Lidocaine 5% (CAS Number: 137-58-6) eases pain rapidly.
  • Recovery Support: Added 7.5% Glucose aids in overall recovery.
  • Accurate Dosage: Uniform 2ml ampoules prevent dosage errors.
  • Organized Packaging: Box of 10 ampoules simplifies inventory management.

Relieve your patient’s pain swiftly with potent Lidocaine 5% + Glucose 7.5% Injections. Packaged in 2ml ampoules, this powerful formulation is housed in a convenient box of 10 units that simplify inventory control, avoiding wastage and facilitating quick accessibility.

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Our Lidocaine 5%+Glucose 7.5% Injection is a state-of-the-art solution that offers quick, durable, and comprehensive pain relief. This product comes in convenient 2ml ampoules and is your best choice for immediate relief from intense pain situations.

Each 2ml ampoule combines the numbing power of 5% Lidocaine, a potent local anaesthetic, with the energy-boosting benefits of 7.5% Glucose. This dual combination efficiently numbs the pain while boosting overall recovery. You not only get instantaneous relief from pain, but also a prolonged effect due to the carefully balanced formula.

Our Lidocaine and Glucose injection is designed with the utmost care and precision, ensuring an exact dosage in every ampoule. This methodology eliminates any risk of overdosage, while aiding an effortless and mess-free application experience - making it extremely safe and user-friendly.

  • Highly efficient pain relief: Thanks to the 5% Lidocaine content, our injection offers rapid and potent pain relief, instantly numbing any sensations of pain.
  • Quick recovery: The 7.5% Glucose content acts as an energy substrate, aiding in speedy recovery.
  • Precise dosing: Each 2ml ampoule is carefully measured to provide the correct amount of drug, eliminating the possibility of overdosage.
  • Easy to use: The inclusion of a pack of 10 ampoules means you will always have a sufficient supply for an extended period.

As a staple component in our comprehensive Obstetric, Surgical Kit, our Lidocaine 5%+Glucose 7.5% Injection is multifunctional and reliable. It offers instant comfort to consumers, promoting both physical comfort and mental relief.

The quality control of this product is painstakingly maintained, providing you with a potent yet safe solution for pain management. Tap into the power of our Lidocaine 5%+Glucose 7.5% Injection and experience superior pain relief today.

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