Lidocain Injection 2% - Efficient Local Anesthetic Solution

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Lidocain Injection 2% – Local Anesthetic Solution

  • Composition: Lidocaine 2%, the ideal concentration for maximum potency.
  • Packaging: Contains 5 vials per box, each containing 50ml of solution.
  • Application: Primarily used in obstetric and surgical procedures for numbing and pain relief.
  • Component of: The S9908300 Obstetric, surgical kit, suppl.1-drugs.
  • Usage: Strictly under healthcare professional guidance. Detailed usage guidelines found in the WHO Model Formulary.
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Lidocain Injection 2%: The High-Quality Local Anesthetic Solution

Lidocain Injection 2%, a highly potent local anesthetic solution, is meticulously designed to deliver fast and effective numbing and pain-relieving properties tailored to enhance patient comfort during minor surgical procedures. Each vial comprises a 50ml medication solution, packaged conveniently in a box containing 5 vials.

Product Overview

Lidocain Injection 2% is a top-tier local anesthetic renowned for its rapid onset of action and its minimal potential for triggering allergic reactions. It is widely acclaimed for providing a stable numbing effect vital to ensuring efficient and seamless medical procedures.

Specs and Key Features

  • Each vial is made up of 2% Lidocain, a powerful local anesthetic compound proven for its efficiency.
  • The vial contains 50ml of the anesthetic solution, providing an ample amount for multiple applications.
  • The box comprises five vials, ensuring a generous supply.
  • The product comes with a guarantee of delivering effective pain relief and numbing performance during medical procedures, greatly improving the patient experience.

Recommendations for Use

Users are highly advised to review the WHO Model Formulary for fully inclusive information on usage. This includes contraindications, precautions, dosage and potential adverse effects. The inappropriate use of anesthetic solutions can result in complications such as triggering allergic reactions and life-threatening health risks.

Why Opt for Lidocain Injection 2%?

Distinguishing itself from competitive products, Lidocain Injection 2% boasts its swift action onset and minimal allergenic potential. The stable numbing effect facilitates an optimal environment for effective medical procedures. Every vial undergoes a stringent quality controlcheck to ensure that the highest standards of safety and efficacy are fully complied with.

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