LG100754 | 98% Pure Compound | HPLC | (2E4E6Z)-3-Methyl-7-(5678-tetrahydro-5588-tetramethyl-3-propoxy-2-naphthalenyl)-246-Octatrienoic Acid

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Product Description

  • LG100754 is a highly pure compound with a concentration of 98% (HPLC).
  • The chemical formula of LG100754 is (2E,4E,6Z)-3-Methyl-7-(5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-5,5,8,8-tetramethyl-3-propoxy-2-naphthalenyl)-2,4,6-Octatrienoic acid.
  • It is classified as a RXR:PPAR agonist, making it suitable for research and development purposes.
  • LG100754, with the CAS number 180713-37-5, offers high quality and consistency.
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Product Description

Introducing LG100754, a highly pure compound with a concentration of 98% (HPLC). This exceptional compound is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and purity, ensuring reliable and consistent results in your research and development endeavors.

The chemical formula of LG100754 is (2E,4E,6Z)-3-Methyl-7-(5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-5,5,8,8-tetramethyl-3-propoxy-2-naphthalenyl)-2,4,6-Octatrienoic acid. This complex formula embodies the unique properties and characteristics of LG100754, making it an ideal choice for researchers in various scientific fields.

Key Features:

  • Highly pure compound with a concentration of 98% (HPLC)
  • Chemical formula: (2E,4E,6Z)-3-Methyl-7-(5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-5,5,8,8-tetramethyl-3-propoxy-2-naphthalenyl)-2,4,6-Octatrienoic acid
  • Classification: RXR:PPAR agonist
  • CAS number: 180713-37-5

Detailed Description:

LG100754 is meticulously crafted to offer exceptional quality and purity, achieving a concentration of 98% when analyzed by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). This high level of purity ensures accurate and reliable results in your research applications.

The chemical formula of LG100754, (2E,4E,6Z)-3-Methyl-7-(5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-5,5,8,8-tetramethyl-3-propoxy-2-naphthalenyl)-2,4,6-Octatrienoic acid, encapsulates the unique structure of this compound. Each element within the formula contributes to its distinct properties, allowing researchers to explore a wide range of potential applications and effects.

One of the notable characteristics of LG100754 is its classification as a RXR:PPAR agonist. This classification indicates its ability to interact with the retinoid X receptors (RXRs) and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs), providing potential insights into their functionalities and potential therapeutic applications.

As an essential part of any research project, quality and consistency are of utmost importance. LG100754 is carefully synthesized and characterized to ensure high quality and consistency, enabling researchers to eliminate variability and focus on their scientific objectives. With the CAS number 180713-37-5, this compound can be easily identified and referenced.


LG100754 has a diverse range of potential applications across various scientific disciplines, including but not limited to:

  • Pharmaceutical research
  • Biochemical research
  • Biomedical research
  • Cellular and molecular biology
  • Drug discovery and development

Storage and Handling:

To maintain the integrity and stability of LG100754, it is recommended to store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Following these storage guidelines will help preserve the quality and efficacy of this compound for extended periods.

When handling LG100754, it is crucial to follow proper laboratory safety protocols. This includes wearing appropriate protective equipment such as gloves, goggles, and lab coats. Additionally, ensure adequate ventilation in the working environment to minimize exposure to the compound.

Remember to consult the safety data sheet (SDS) for detailed information on handling, storage, and disposal of LG100754.

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