Advanced Neonate Laryngoscope Set - Top-tier Neonatal Care Tool

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The Neonate Laryngoscope Set is an advanced medical instrument designed specifically for neonatal care, drastically enhancing endotracheal intubation of neonates, and pre-term infants during anesthesia or resuscitation. Key features include:

  • Durable Construction: The set includes a chromium-plated or stainless steel laryngoscope handle, two stainless steel depressors with halogen bulbs, and necessary assembly items.
  • Optimal Illumination: Each depressor comes equipped with extra halogen bulbs, providing precise lighting for accurate operation.
  • Follow-up Guidance: A comprehensive English manual is provided, outlining step-by-step instructions.
  • Secure Packaging: All components are securely packed in a durable protective plastic box or padded vinyl case for safe handling.
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Optimal Neonatal Care with Advanced Neonate Laryngoscope Set

Our superior Neonate Laryngoscope Set is an indispensable tool engineered strictly for neonatal use, more notably for preterm infants. Specifically constructed to assist with endotracheal intubation during anaesthesia or resuscitation procedures, this state-of-the-art medical instrument lends unending support in neonatal care.

Unique Features

  • Effortless grip and movement facilitated by a large, mildly ribbed, hollow cylindrical handle.
  • Fabricated with either stainless steel or chromium-plated materials that enhance durability and ensure longevity.
  • Guarantees continuous and reliable power supply accommodating two LR14 Type C batteries (1.5V) in an operable handle.
  • Brings versatility through a stud contact that is concordant with diverse sizes and types of depressors.
  • Comprises a pair of stainless-steel Miller Type depressors (Nr 0 and Nr 1), well-fitted with a halogen bulb that provides exceptional illumination.

Components included

  • A rigid plastic or vinyl case for secure storage and transportation.
  • A pair of spare halogen bulbs to ensure ceaseless operationality of the laryngoscope.
  • An illustrated English manual included for proper assembly, usage, and maintenance.

Product Necessities

  • Requires two S1802211 Dry cell, alkaline, 'C', 1.5V batteries (sold separately) for power.

Intended Use

  • Designed for neonatal endotracheal intubation during anesthesia or resuscitation.
  • Batteries are suggested to be removed for long-term storage.
  • Post operation, the depressors and bulbs require careful disinfection. Stainless-steel parts can be sterilized after the light bulb and batteries are removed.

Product Packaging

Each package comes with a securely packed laryngoscope set meticulously designed for neonatal care, wrapped in a plastic bag box.

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