100-Pack Disposable Safety Lancet 2.4mm - Optimal Safety & Efficiency

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Safety Lancet 2.4mm Disposable Box of 100 is a critically designed primary packaging product specifically for sterile, contaminant-free capillary blood collection purposes across various labs. Its major attributes involve:

  • Instant trigger mechanism: Facilitates immediate blade launch.
  • Specified blade depth: The blade penetrates approximately 2.4mm, proficient for blood collection.
  • Single-use specification: Aids in preventing cross-contamination, enhancing safety.
  • Prevents product reuse: An inbuilt mechanism preventing the reuse, enhancing user safety substantially.
  • Convenient Packaging: Distributed in boxes of 100, weighing roughly 0.7kg each box with an estimated volume of 0.004m3.
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Safety Lancet 2.4mm Disposable Box of 100 - Single-use Safety Mechanism

As specialists in laboratory supplies, we present our top-tier Safety Lancet designed for high-level performance and utmost safety. This box contains 100 disposable lancets, each boasting an innovative, single-use design. Trusted by healthcare practitioners globally, our products assure precision, efficiency and safety.

Advanced Safety Design

Our 2.4mm deposable lancet is designed with a spring-based blade that instantaneously triggers on command. The safety mechanism is integrated to prohibit accidental reuse, thereby significantly reducing chances of cross-contamination. These lucid, user-friendly and safety-optimized design nuances ensure our product suitable for all lab settings - from basic medical labs to sophisticated diagnostic centers.

Swift and Reliable Performance

The 2.4mm blade depth ensures speedy and efficient capillary blood collection, a crucial routine in various lab tests. Packed 50 pieces per section, the box consists of two sections to make up the total count of 100 lancets, providing a lengthy supply for daily laboratory use.

Product Specifications

  • Quick trigger for prompt blade release
  • 2.4mm blade depth for effective capillary blood collection
  • Single-use disposable design for optimum safety and cross-contamination prevention
  • Built-in safety mechanism that deters accidental reuse
  • Pre-packaged in two groups of fifty, compiling a total of 100 lancets per box

The ergonomic and lightweight design, weight of approximately 0.7kg and volume of 0.004m3, makes storage and handling hassle-free. The Lancets are a valuable asset to any lab setting seeking safety-enhanced, reliable, and efficient performance in blood collection tasks.

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