Lambda Phage DNA Methylated Lyophilized Powder - High-Purity & Stability

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Lambda Phage DNA, Methylated lyophilized powder

Product Code: D9768

Lambda Phage DNA, Methylated from Escherichia coli host strain W3110 is a high-quality lyophilized powder that is specifically designed for use as a substrate for restriction enzymes. It is an essential tool for molecular biology research, allowing scientists to study the functions and mechanisms of restriction enzymes.

Key Features:

  • High-purity DNA: Lambda Phage DNA is carefully extracted and purified to ensure the highest level of purity. This guarantees that researchers will obtain accurate and reliable results in their experiments.
  • Methylated for enhanced stability: The DNA in this product is methylated, meaning that it contains methyl groups attached to the DNA molecule. This modification provides increased stability and protection against degradation, even under harsh experimental conditions.
  • Derived from Escherichia coli host strain W3110: Lambda Phage DNA is sourced from Escherichia coli, a widely used bacterial host for DNA production. The specific strain used, W3110, has been carefully selected for its ability to efficiently produce high-quality DNA.
  • Lyophilized for ease of handling: The DNA is lyophilized, which means it is freeze-dried to a powder form. This provides several advantages, including a longer shelf life and ease of handling, storage, and transportation. The lyophilized format also ensures that the DNA remains stable and intact until it is ready to be used.

This Lambda Phage DNA, Methylated product is offered in a lyophilized powder form, providing researchers with a convenient and reliable substrate for their restriction enzyme studies. The high-purity DNA, enhanced stability through methylation, and sourcing from the Escherichia coli host strain W3110 all contribute to the product's effectiveness in molecular biology research.

Whether researchers are investigating DNA modification patterns, studying DNA-protein interactions, or exploring DNA cleavage by restriction enzymes, Lambda Phage DNA, Methylated offers a valuable resource to support their experiments. Its high purity ensures accurate and reproducible results while the methylated modification enhances stability and protects the DNA from degradation. The use of the Escherichia coli host strain W3110 guarantees the production of a consistent and reliable substrate for restriction enzymes.

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