LabV1 Peristaltic Pump: Unparalleled Precision & High Flow - Ideal for Labs & Industries

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The LabV1 Peristaltic Pump is a critical instrument in various science and industrial applications, due to its exact precision and exceptional performance. Featuring a flow rate spanning from 0.000166-570ml/min and a speed range from 0.1-150rpm, this pump guarantees rigorous accuracy.

  • Features: The 4.3-inch touch screen delivers seamless control. It also supports 3 measurement modes and is compatible with diverse types of tubing, further broadening the tool’s usability.
  • Certifications: Having earned CE and ROHS certifications, the LabV1 pump meets high standards of quality, safety, and environmental sustainability.
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LabV1 Peristaltic Pump: Precision and High Flow Rate | Laboratory Equipment

Transform your laboratory and industry routines with the LabV1 Peristaltic Pump - a paragon of precision and high flow rate in advanced liquid dispensing. Its state-of-the-art technology, robust functionality, and unparalleled adaptability inspires a new level of confidence in users aiming for accurate liquid dispensing.

Top-Notch Design for Exemplary Performance:

Unleash a full gamut of possibilities with LabV1's superior features:

  • Variable Flow Rate: Get flexibility like never before with a customizable flow rate from 0.000166-570ml/min.
  • Speed Control: Gain absolute mastery over your operations with adjustable speed range: 0.1-150rpm.
  • Unquestionable Accuracy: Venture into realms of beyond-precision with a flow rate accuracy of < 0.5%.
  • Dynamic Control Panel: Navigate at ease through flow data, parameters, and system settings on the 4.3 inch color touchscreen.
  • Multi-Measuring Modes: Empower your operations with fixed volume measurement, fixed time and volume, or timer start and stop modes.

Advanced Specifications Tailored to Your Needs:

Equipped with an arsenal of impeccable specifications:

  • Pump Head Options: Opt for YZ1515x or YZ2515x variants for your specific applications.
  • Versatile Control Signals: Convenient 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA control signals render seamless integrability with external equipment.
  • Smart Communication Interfaces: Effortless network connectivity with RS232 and RS485 interfaces supporting MODBUS protocol in RTU mode.
  • Energy Consumption: A green pledge in power consumption: uses below 50W.
  • Global Certification: Quality assured by CE and ROHS certifications.

This product is truly the quintessential companion for laboratories and industries alike. Experience the LabV1 Peristaltic Pump - a benchmark in controlled liquid dispensing.

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