High-Precision Laboratory Syringe Pump TYD03-01: The Ultimate Solution for Fluid Control

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High-Precision Laboratory Syringe Pump TYD03-01 stands as an optimal solution for critical lab actions demanding precise fluid control. Suitable for research, chemical study, and biological tests, this instrument promises top-tier accuracy and versatility.

  • An easy-to-navigate touchscreen and high-resolution LCD for smooth settings control.
  • Wide-ranging syringe compatibility from 10ul to 60ml caters to diverse experimental necessities.
  • The provision of five operation modes facilitates meticulous fluid handling.
  • Streamlines automation with its RS-485 communication interface, fully compatible with the MODBUS protocol.
  • A robust stainless steel structure provides durability and resistance to chemical decomposition.
  • Versatile power applicability (from AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz) assures utilization across diverse locales.
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High-Precision Laboratory Syringe Pump TYD03-01: Unparalleled Precision and Versatility

Overcoming the challenges of fluid control in cutting-edge research and experimental applications demands a solution that embodies precision and versatility – the High-Precision Laboratory Syringe Pump TYD03-01. Engineered to deliver exceptional accuracy and flexibility, this laboratory standard equipment redefines fluid control for high-performance labs.

  • High-resolution touch-sensitive LCD for easy parameter setting and enhanced precision.
  • Diverse syringe compatibilities ranging from 10ul to 60ml allowing for a diverse scope of flow requirements, providing impressive versatility in fluid control.
  • Five distinctive operational modes for both infusion and withdrawal, accommodating a myriad of lab objectives.
  • Inbuilt RS-485 communication system marrying the MODBUS protocol for impeccable synchrony with your lab network.
  • Robust stainless steel shell promising increased durability and longevity, making the pump reliable for sustained use in strenuous lab climates.
  • Adaptive wide range power input that seamlessly operates in varying conditions – from academic and industrial to clinical settings.

Ensure yourself the best in fluid control with the High-Precision Laboratory Syringe Pump TYD03-01. Place your trust in a design that blends finesse, efficiency, and precision.

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