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Laboratory Refrigerators: Advanced Features for Safe Sample Storage

Laboratory Refrigerators are durably designed for research and industrial laboratories, boasting exceptional temperature control and a wealth of features. The models CLG-150/300/650/850/1400 offer a temperature range of -2°C to 10°C and capacities from 150 to 1400 liters.

  • Reliable insulation mitigates temperature fluctuation for consistent storage conditions
  • The automatic defrost system optimizes ease-of-use and efficiency
  • The interior crafted from high-grade, corrosion-resistant stainless steel (304) ensures longevity
  • Adjustable shelves maximize the usage of the internal space
  • Optional temperature recorders are available to enable precise monitoring
  • Safety features include high/low temperature and over current protection
  • Additional functionality such as an open door alarm, automatic fan stop and built-in locks enhance security

Our Laboratory Refrigerators are tailored for keeping your valuable samples and medications optimally preserved.

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Presenting the state-of-the-art 'Laboratory Refrigerators: Advanced Features for Safe Sample Storage’. Engineered with cutting-edge technology tailored specifically to meet the demands of research and industrial laboratories. Our advanced laboratory refrigerators offer efficient cooling systems, high-quality manufacturing materials, and advanced security features to ensure safe storage of samples. This storage solution comes in a variety of models including CLG-150/300/650/850/1400, each offering a perfect blend of optimal temperature control and convenient storage.

  • Minimized Temperature Fluctuation: Every unit comes with fully insulated chambers, ensuring minimal temperature variance, crucial for safeguarding sophisticated laboratory samples.
  • High Thermal Efficiency: Equipped with an evaporation system built from low corrosive materials, the refrigerators manage heat levels efficiently.
  • Auto-Defrost feature: Our optimized defrosting systems automatically regulate frost, ensuring continuity in precise temperature control.
  • Stainless Steel Interior: Crafted with 304-grade stainless steel, the interior is made to endure, exhibiting high resistance to corrosion and enhancing durability.
  • Enhanced Storage: Efficient use of internal space is guaranteed with our height-adjustable wire shelves, accommodating varied laboratory essentials.
  • External Probe Integration: Each refrigerator comes with a built-in cable port allowing the integration of external probes or wires, enhancing flexibility in usage.
  • Safety Features: Enhanced safety protocols including high/low temperature protection, over current protection, open door alarm, automatic fan stop, keypad lock function and built-in door lock.
  • Optional Accessories: To ensure constant monitoring, optional recorders for temperature supervision can be installed.

The 'Laboratory Refrigerators: Advanced Features for Safe Sample Storage’ seamlessly merge technology with convenience, respecting the necessity of safeguarding your laboratory investments. Depending upon the individual necessity, choose from a variety of models and optional features. Safety, durability, and efficiency are the cornerstones of our laboratory refrigerators.

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