LabN1 Standard Peristaltic Pump: Precision Fluid Transfer for Labs & Industries

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The LabN1 Standard Peristaltic Pump is a high-efficiency laboratory equipment designed for precise fluid dispensing and transfer across a variety of fields. Key features include:

  • Flow Rate Range: A highly versatile range from 0.0001666 to 570ml/min, catering for diverse applications.
  • Precision Speed Control: A resolution of 0.1rpm assures fine-tuned speed adjustments.
  • Integration ease: Features like external speed control signal options and a MODBUS protocol compliant interface offer seamless integration with other systems.

The pump is compact and energy efficient, with an IP31 rating for dust and moisture resistance. It is engineered for dependable, long-term operation in varying environments.

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LabN1 Standard Peristaltic Pump: Elevate Your Lab Operations with Precision

Equip your laboratory or industrial workspace with the LabN1 Standard Peristaltic Pump, a tool designed to provide flawless fluid transfer operations. It effectively addresses an array of applications, ranging from the dispensing of small biological samples to the handling of aggressive chemicals. Key features and technical specifications of this pump are imparted below:

  • Precise Timing Function: The peristaltic pump boasts an extremely precise timing function that can be set from 0.01 seconds to 9999 hours.
  • Wide Flow Rate Range: The pump offers versatility in fluid transfer with a flow rate range of 0.0001666-570ml/min, catering to a broad spectrum of volume and viscosity requirements.
  • High-tech Control System: A 3.2-inch color LCD screen is built for capturing critical pump parameters. A mechanical keypad and a rotary encoded switch extend the tool's longevity.
  • Robust Build: Witness the endurance of a tool built for tough environments. It has an IP31 rating, tolerates up to 80% humidity, and consumes less than 50W of power.
  • Linked Communication and Control: The pump offers synchronized control via RS232 and RS485 interfaces that adhere to the MODBUS protocol.

Choosing the Best LabN1 Standard Peristaltic Pump

Here is a succinct guide to help you choose the most apt LabN1 Standard Peristaltic Pump for your specific requirements:

  • Chemical properties: Ensure the pump is compatible with the type of liquid you are working with.
  • Flow rate: The desired flow rate should be a deciding factor for the pump size.
  • Usage: Nature of use either continuous or intermittent will further guide your decision.
  • Volume requirements: The volume requirement for each batch in a specific time interval should be assessed.

Uncompromising Reliability and Prompt Service

You can place your trust in the LabN1 Standard Peristaltic Pump with a proven lifespan. Our support team values your time and strives to deliver orders within 3-5 days of payment receipt.

Packaging and Shipping

The pump is diligently packaged in a robust carton box, fortified with plastic foam to protect against any damage during shipping.

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