LabM3/2*YZ1515x Liposuction Pump - Streamlining Liposuction with High Efficiency

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LabM3/2*YZ1515x Liposuction Pump | Efficient Fat removal technology

The LabM3/2*YZ1515x Liposuction Pump is a precision-driven, highly efficient fat removal instrument that medical professionals can rely on. Here are its standout features:

  • Superb Flow Rate: Provides 0.035-1330 ml/min for absolute accuracy.
  • Variable Speed: Offers 0.5-350rpm to accommodate diverse procedures.
  • Modular Structure: Compatible with multiple tubing sizes for flexibility.
  • Easy Operation: Includes LED screen, membrane keypad, RS232 or RS485 external controls.
  • Guaranteed Compliance: Fulfilling stringent CE and ROHS standards.
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    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

Experience Unparalleled Efficiency in Liposuction with the LabM3/2*YZ1515x Liposuction Pump

The LabM3/2*YZ1515x Liposuction Pump is a top-tier medical device meticulously crafted for enhanced performance in liposuction procedures. This high-quality pump distinguishes itself in the field of medical technology by ensuring efficient and smooth removal of fat cells.

Superior Performance and Design

The LabM3/2*YZ1515x Liposuction Pump presents an optimized design that contributes to successful liposuction procedures. It allows for a versatile flow rate that spans from 0.035 up to 1330 ml/min, thereby accommodating various medical necessities. It maintains a broad speed range from 0.5 to 350 revolutions per minute, enhancing operational efficiency.

Intuitive operation for user-friendly experience

The device is engineered to employ a stepper motor, ensuring a quiet and smooth performance. This feature, coupled with an LED screen and a membrane keypad, provides easy usage and comprehensive control over the entire procedure.

Incredible adaptability to conditions

This trailblazing liposuction pump remains undeterred, functioning optimally under any condition within a temperature range from 0 to 40u00b0C, and up to 80% humidity.

Certified Trust

The LabM3/2*YZ1515x Liposuction Pump is CE-1, CE-2, ROHS-1, and ROHS-2 certified, cementing its commitment to safety and reliability. All these outstanding features are housed within a sturdy frame that measures 261.4 x 157.3 x 230.7mm (L x W x H) and weighs only 4.4 kg.

LabM3/2*YZ1515x Liposuction Pump at a glance:

  • Flow rate range of 0.035-1330 ml/min
  • Speed range of 0.5-350rpm
  • Stepper motor for smooth, quiet operation
  • User-friendly LED screen and Membrane keypad
  • Works effectively in temperatures of 0-40u00b0C
  • Operates efficiently in up to 80% humidity
  • Robust, compact design with CE-1, CE-2, ROHS-1, and ROHS-2 certifications

Crafted for efficiency, safety, and lasting results, the LabM3/2*YZ1515x Liposuction Pump transcends the bounds of traditional liposuction procedures, making it an indispensable tool for medical practitioners.

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