LabF3/2*YZ1515x Dispensing Peristaltic Pump for High-Precision Lab Applications

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LabF3/2*YZ1515x Dispensing Peristaltic Pump: Advanced Precision & Efficiency for Diverse Lab Applications

  • Operational Efficiency: Included preset settings for a range of functionalities including volume, time, copy numbers with pause time.
  • Detailed Data Tracking: Dynamic real-time display of operational status and data of dispensed material.
  • Precision Measurements: Utilizes an intelligent calibration module for highly accurate metrics.
  • Application Versatility: Armed with 60 preset filling modes accomodating an array of workflows.
  • Comprehensive Pumping: Back suction angle setting virtually eliminates liquid drop offs during pumping.
  • Extensive Specs: Operates at a flow rate range of 0.00166-2280ml/min, speed range of 1-600rpm, and volume range of 0.1-9999.99ml.
  • Universal Usage: Ideal for various sectors including chemical, biological research, pharmaceutical testing, food and beverage analysis, and quality control.
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LabF3/2*YZ1515x Dispensing Peristaltic Pump: Advanced Precision & Efficiency for Diverse Lab Applications

The LabF3/2*YZ1515x Dispensing Peristaltic Pump is a high-precision, effective solution designed for wide-ranging laboratory applications. This highly adaptable pump offers remarkable functionality, delivering exceptional and consistent performance.

Key Features of the LabF3/2*YZ1515x Dispensing Peristaltic Pump

  • The LabF3/2*YZ1515x Pump ensures more efficient operation with pre-set dispensing volume, time, pause time, and copy numbers.
  • The dynamic display of work status and dispensing data allows for easy, real-time performance tracking and monitoring.
  • The intelligent calibration functionality provides accurate measurements and unparalleled operational precision.
  • Featuring 60 pre-set filling modes, this pump is able to adapt to disparate application requirements.
  • Back suction angle setting prevents fluid drop-off when the pump stops, ensuring clean, precise dispensing.


Flow rate range: 0.00166-2280ml/min Speed range: 1-600rpm
Dispensing volume range: 0.1-9999.99ml Dispensing time: 0.1-9999.99s
Dispensing accuracy: ±0.5% Motor type: Servo motor system for precision operations


The LabF3/2*YZ1515x Dispensing Peristaltic Pump is versatile, serving various laboratory settings including research and development labs, pharmaceutical labs, food and beverage labs, and academic labs. Whether your lab requires rapid dispensing or a slow, steady fluid delivery, this pump delivers high-quality results with utmost reliability.


We offer a 1-year comprehensive warranty on the LabF3/2*YZ1515x Dispensing Peristaltic Pump, which includes on-call technical support and troubleshooting.

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