LabF1/YZ1515x Peristaltic Pump for Precise Laboratory Procedures

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Experience the LabF1/YZ1515x Peristaltic Pump, a benchmark in laboratory precision. Exclusive key features are:

  • Pre-set capabilities: Catering to optimal dispensing volume, time, pause duration, and replica counts.
  • Live display: Real-time provisioning of operational status and data.
  • Unparalled precision: Delivering an accuracy within ±0.5% for consistent and repeatable outcomes.
  • Diverse functions: Excellently wired for consistent transfer and efficient bottle filling assignments.
  • Global availablilty: Easily obtainable across multiple laboratories spanning the Americas, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Australasia.
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LabF1/YZ1515x Peristaltic Pump: High-Precision Laboratory Solution

Introducing the LabF1/YZ1515x Peristaltic Pump, a cutting-edge solution specifically engineered to bring you unparalleled precision and efficiency in your laboratory procedures. This innovative piece of technology features an array of elements designed to streamline your operations and guarantee exactness in each task.

  • Offers outstanding control over dispensing volume, time, pause time, and copy numbers. Leverage this personalized operation to suit your specific needs and elevate your laboratory practices.
  • Packed with a dynamic display that provides real-time insights on your current working status and dispensing data. This enables you to oversee your operations in a comprehensive manner and optimize your processes accordingly.
  • Embedded with an intelligent calibration function to escalate precision in your work, ensuring you attain highly accurate results in every operation.
  • Features unique settings such as back suction angle which you can adjust to reduce liquid drop-off and ensure that you efficiently utilize your materials, thus significantly minimizing waste.
  • A broad flow rate range, speed range, dispensing volume range, and time resolution are included to accommodate diverse laboratory procedures.

This high-tech peristaltic pump is powered by a top-tier servo motor and is equipped with an industrial-grade 4.3-inch color LCD display. Its control methods are both convenient and intuitive, consisting of both a touch screen and a mechanical keypad. This impressive blend of advanced technology and user-friendly design renders this pump the foremost choice for contemporary laboratories.

Featuring a dispensing precision of less than ±0.5%, the LabF1/YZ1515x Peristaltic Pump provides sufficient precision required for exacting laboratory tasks. Its efficiency guarantees continuous high performance, even under temperatures ranging between 0-40°C and relative humidity less than 80%.

Whether you require a dependable solution for consistent transfer or bottle filling, the LabF1/YZ1515x Peristaltic Pump is a steadfast selection. Its recognition across North America, Central/South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Australasia, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa testifies of its functionality and reliability. Experience the LabF1/YZ1515x Peristaltic Pump revolution in your laboratory today!

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