Biohazard Stickers: Laboratory Biohazard Adhesive Labels | Roll of 1000

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Introducing the Biohazard Sticker, a vital tool for effective communication in laboratory settings. This adhesive label, sized 2.5 x 2.5 cm, comes in a roll of 1000 and is imbued with distinct biohazard insignia. Key features include:

  • Visual clarity: Red and black printing ensures visibility and awareness
  • Durable: Strong, temper-proof adhesive secures label, resisting wear and tear
  • Versatile: Perfect for labelling samples, waste, and more
  • Regulation compliant: Adheres to local biohazardous waste disposal regulations
  • Avoid incineration or autoclaving: For disposal, placement in suitable biohazard bags or containers is advised

Note: Weight and volume approximated at 0.5kg and 0.002m3 respectively. For a safer and more efficient environment, opt for the Biohazard Sticker.

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Biohazard Adhesive Stickers - Ensuring Laboratory Safety at 2.5x2.5cm

Keep your laboratory safe and compliant with our Biohazard Stickers. Specially designed for laboratory environments, our stickers offer highly visible, clear, and understandable alerts to potential biohazards. Presented as a roll of 1000 stickers, each measuring 2.5x2.5 cm, they are a cost-effective solution for managing lab safety across facilities of all sizes.

  • High Visibility: The unmistakable red and black color scheme ensures that these labels are easily visible, enabling immediate identification of potential biohazards.
  • Great Durability: Featuring a robust, tamper-proof self-adhesion, these labels affix strongly to various container types and stay put, even in demanding conditions.
  • Universal Biohazard Symbol: All stickers bear the readily recognized 'black tri-sickle' biohazard logo (refU 2623) and are further enhanced with the English word 'biohazard', thus providing an easily comprehensible warning, irrespective of language barriers.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for any laboratory environment - from hospital labs to reference centers. Best for labeling samples, tagging waste disposal containers, or identifying restricted areas.

Our Biohazard Stickers are supplied in rolls of 1000 labels, making them an economical, bulk solution adaptable to facilities of all sizes. Despite their robustness and high functionality, these stickers are light in weight (approx. 0.5 kg), and compact in volume (approx. 0.002m3), hence, easy to store and handle. With our Biohazard Stickers, lab safety will always be your top priority!

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