Premium Self-Adhesive Freezer Labels - Ensured Identification For Laboratory Use

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Efficient Labeling Solution with Self-Adhesive Freezer Labels

Improve your laboratory’s efficiency and workflow with Self-Adhesive Freezer Labels. Each label has been engineered to resist freezing temperatures, making it ideal for labeling frozen samples or reagents. Made from robust paper material, you can note details using pen or marker without much hassle.

  • Designed for Freezing Conditions: Exceptional grip and readability at low temperatures.
  • Quality and Durable: High-grade paper material sustains adhesion in freezing conditions.
  • Fits Plenty: Labels measure approximately 2.5cm x 2.5cm, to provide adequate space for legible marking.
  • Economical Pack: Get 280 labels per roll ensuring prolonged usage.
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Elevate Your Sample Identification with Premium Self-Adhesive Freezer Labels

Take the complexity out of labelling with our comprehensive Self-Adhesive Freezer Labels. Crafted for maximum convenience and dependability, these robust labels are an indispensable solution for any laboratory setting. With 280 labels conveniently supplied in one roll, these stickers ramp up efficiency and streamlined labelling procedures.

Distinguishing Features

  • Durable Paper Material: Built to resist tough lab environments, the labels are fabricated from sturdy paper material.
  • Self-Adhesive: Our freezer labels tout a self-adhesive characteristic, making the labelling process straightforward with the elimination of any extra adhesive necessity.
  • Clarity: Accommodate writing with markers or pens, our labels guarantee crisp, and accurate naming of samples or reagents.
  • Universal Applicability: Adaptable for use in miscellaneous laboratory settings, from hospital labs to reference centers.
  • Compact Measures: With dimensions about 2.5 x 2.5cm, these labels are also perfect for settings with stringent space restrictions.

Practical Application

Our robust Self-Adhesive Freezer Labels are purpose-designed for marking samples or reagents bound for freezing. They secure evident and enduring tagging of a variety of lab items, specimens, and reagents. Ideal for hospital laboratories or reference centers, they cater to a broad spectrum of implementations.

Packaging Information

Typically, the first layer of packaging comprises one roll with 280 Self-Adhesive Freezer Labels. This roll's estimated weight is 0.25 kg, and its projected volume is 0.0003 m3.

Opt for an Easy, Reliable Labelling Choice

Choose these value-packed Self-Adhesive Freezer Labels for their unmatched ease and efficiency. Built for high-quality, reliable, and rapid response marking, they are a smart addition to your lab supplies.

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