Durable Self-Adhesive Freezer Labels – Cryogenic Temperature Compatible Labeling Solution

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Self-Adhesive Freezer Labels – Cryogenic Durable Label Roll

  • Multi-Purpose: Configured for various lab environments, including hospitals and reference centers, to simplify sample identification.
  • Durable Material: Crafted from quality paper, these labels support effortless writing with a pen or marker.
  • Long-Lasting Adhesive: The robust adhesive is tough enough to withstand extremely low temperatures, making these ideal freezer labels.
  • Appropriate Size: Each label measures 25x50cm to ensure optimum space for note-making, rolled into a comfortable set of 200 labels.
  • Eco-Friendly: Manufacturer’s guidelines advise local waste regulations for disposal.
  • Practical Packaging: The roll format of these labels ensures smooth dispensing according to need.
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Durable Self-Adhesive Freezer Labels – Supreme Adherence In Cryogenic Conditions

Ensure accurate and easy identification of samples with our Durable Self-Adhesive Freezer Labels. Crafted for resilience in extreme environments, these labels make an ideal labeling solution for every lab; from specialized hospital facilities to independent reference centers.

  • Optimal Material: Comprised of robust, paper material, our labels guarantee long-lasting durability and readability.
  • Writing-Friendly: These labels can be conveniently written on with a pen or marker, offering ample space for detailed and clear information.
  • Packaging and Quantity: Measuring around 25x50cm, each roll contains 200 high-quality labels, providing an ample supply to meet your needs.
  • Extreme Temperature Compatible: Specially engineered for freezing conditions, the adhesive remains strong, making them the best choice for labeling refrigerated samples or reagents.
  • Eco-conscious Manufacturing: Our production process balances functionality and environmental considerations, encouraging waste disposal methods that minimize ecological impact.
  • Dimensionally Convenient: The roll weighs around 0.5kg and boasts a volume of approximately 0.02cbm, assuring the product is lightweight and compact for trouble-free storage and transport.

With our product, experience the blend of seamless functionality, reliability, and environmental responsibility. Designed with the user in mind, these self-adhesive freezer labels are your perfect partner for efficient and proficient sample identification.

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