HALO: High-Efficiency Laboratory Air Filtration System

HALO: High-Efficiency Laboratory Air Filtration System

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HALO: High-Efficiency Laboratory Air Filtration System

Boost lab safety with the HALO Lab Air Filtration System. Providing excellent air purification, this system effectively eradicates pollutants like acids, volatile organic compounds, and formaldehyde vapors. Advanced features include:

  • Smart Light Technology: Monitor air quality with eye-catching LED indicators.
  • Remote Monitoring: Real-time updates and controls via the e-Guard app.
  • Easy Installation: No HVAC connection needed for setup.
  • Energy Efficiency: Save power and reduce carbon footprint with its 50W energy consumption.

Trust the HALO Lab Air Filtration System for ensuring a clean and healthy laboratory environment.

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Transform Your Laboratory Environment with HALO: The Future-standard in Lab Air Filtration Systems

Take a vital leap towards a healthier, safer laboratory environment with the HALO Laboratory Air Filtration System. Purpose-built to combat noxious odors and pollutants, HALO prioritizes your respiratory safety, offering round-the-clock clean air and assurance for your workspace.

  • Guarantees optimal air quality and reduces health hazards by providing significantly safer and purified air.
  • Offers hassle-free installations without the need for complex HVAC connections, allowing an easy set-up and immediate use.
  • Designed with an easy-access panel enabling effortless filter changes, ensuring your workflow remains uninterrupted.
  • Network connectivity feature offers the capability to remotely monitor multiple HALO units, making it perfect for larger lab environments.
  • Comes complete with an exclusive warranty offer, providing you both, quality assurance and peace of mind.

The HALO Lab Air Filtration System is designed to meet a wide array of specific needs, with four different versions each outfitted with expansive pollutant detection ability, including volatile organic compounds, acids, and formaldehyde vapors. The pioneering smart light technology employed by HALO uses LED pulses to visually communicate the device’s ventilation status allowing for constant monitoring and offering uncompromised air quality.

Incorporating the groundbreaking e-Guard app, HALO provides an easy-to-navigate interface offering remote monitoring and control capabilities. Featuring a user-friendly installation process and a lithe design, with the unit weighing a mere 68 lbs (inclusive of the filter), the HALO is a seamless addition to all lab environments. The device operates quietly and effectively within an electrical range of 80-240V 50/60hz and boasts lean energy consumption of just 50W.

Embrace the future of laboratory safety and productivity – choose HALO, for unmatched air hygiene in your laboratory.

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