Top-Quality L-Tyrosine Supplement: Mood & Cognitive Function Enhancer

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Pure and Potent Pharmaceutical-Grade L-Tyrosine | Boost Mood and Performance

  • Pharmaceutical-Grade L-Tyrosine, superb in quality
  • Potential to significantly enhance mood, improve cognitive function, and boost performance
  • Reliable supplier in North and South Americas, Europe, Australasia, Asia, Middle East, and Africa

Experience a purifying and invigorating effect with our Pharmaceutical-Grade L-Tyrosine (CAS 60-18-4). Produced to high standards, it serves as a top-drawer supplement for advancing emotional well-being, cognitive efficiency, and general performance. Order now for a healthier future!

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Top Pharmaceutical-Grade L-Tyrosine: Enhance Mood, Cognitive Functions, and Performance

L-Tyrosine, a premium pharmaceutical-grade compound with its unique CAS number 60-18-4, offers numerous potential wellness benefits owing to its mood-enhancing, cognitive function-boosting, and performance-enhancing properties. It's an excellent supplement addition to your wellness regimen, designed to maximize your mental and physical efficiency.

  • CAS Number: Recognized by the unique identifier 60-18-4, L-Tyrosine's chemical authenticity is undisputed.
  • Molecular Weight and Density: With a molecular weight of 181.19 and a density of 1.34, L-Tyrosine assures optimal performance in its applications.
  • Heat Resilience: With a melting point of 290°C and a flash point at 176°C, L-Tyrosine manifests remarkable heat resilience, managing stability in diverse conditions.
  • Solubility: L-Tyrosine is available in water-soluble form, making it convenient to include in various applications. While it's not soluble in alcohol, ether, or acetone, it's soluble in alkaline solutions and slightly soluble in acetic acid.

Our L-Tyrosine supplement is renowned for its commitment to purity and potency, engineered to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Users applaud its notable impact on mood upliftment, cognitive function improvement, and performance enhancement. With consistent use, this supplement enables you to optimize your daily performance, ensuring wellness both on mental and physical levels.

Invest in your health and wellbeing with our powerful L-Tyrosine supplement. Discover the difference it can make to your wellness today!

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