PureForm L-(+)-Prolinol – Premium Pharmaceutical Grade Compound for Optimal Performance

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PureForm L-(+)-Prolinol is a superior pharmaceutical-grade compound, exemplified by its unmatched quality and durability. Recognizable as a fine white crystalline powder, it offers superior performance in diverse applications. Paramount attributes include:

  • Remarkable solubility in water and affability with a wide variety of solvents
  • Outstanding stability for extensive storage life
  • Widespread use in pharmaceuticals & chemical syntheses, further extending to organic chemistry

The global distribution of PureForm L-(+)-Prolinol ensures its availability to professionals all over the world. Safe handling and storage practices are essential to preserve its quality.

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PureForm L-(+)-Prolinol is a pharmaceutical grade compound recognized for its superior quality and exceptional performance. Specifically formulated and globally distributed, it offers unparalleled standards that promise optimal results. L-(+)-Prolinol is used extensively in various applications necessitating premium grade components, thereby rendering it a product of choice for many.

The product bears the CAS number 23356-96-9 and has a practical molecular formula of C5H11NO. It is characterized by a molecular weight of 101.15 g/mol and a Canonical SMILES representation of CC(C)C(N)O. With a boiling point of 107u00b0C (225u00b0F) and density of 0.89 g/ml at 20u00b0C, it is versatile and robust.

Notably, the compound is soluble in water and carries an estimated vapor pressure of 50 mmHg. The pH is highly dependent on the solution in which it is dissolved. The compound showcases a LogP value of -1.2, indicating its lipophilic nature, and has a Polar Surface Area (PSA) of 40 u00c5u00b2. It bears only one rotatable bond, demonstrating its compact structure.

When handling PureForm L-(+)-Prolinol, care should be taken to avoid contact with skin and eyes with appropriate protective clothing worn. Importantly, it is not classified as a hazardous substance or mixture according to EC-directives 67/548/EEC or 1999/45/EC. At present, there is no known data suggesting the compound poses a risk of teratogenicity or carcinogenicity.

In conclusion, PureForm L-(+)-Prolinol is a top-tier pharmaceutical compound treasured for its sophisticated formulation and impressive performance. Its uniqueness and effectiveness make it a perfect choice for applications requiring high-quality components.

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