JZJ2B300-2.2 Series Roots Water Ring Vacuum Unit - High Efficiency Vacuum System

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The JZJ2B300-2.2 Series Roots Water Ring Vacuum Unit is an advanced, high-performance pump system built for efficient operation across a range of conditions. Key features include:

  • High vacuum and pump speed: Courtesy of its ZJ type roots and 2BV/2BE1 series water ring pumps
  • Diverse fluid compatibility: Can utilize water or organic solvents, improving solvent recovery and reducing pollution
  • Exceptional resistance: Well-guarded against oil pollution, water, gas, and dust, suiting disparate applications
  • Compact and robust design: Efficient, compact structure and corrosion-resistant, promoting durability and ease of installation

It is a versatile solution designed to meet high industrial aspirations for different sectors.

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JZJ2B300-2.2 Series Roots Water Ring Vacuum Unit: A High-Efficiency Vacuum Solution

Introducing the JZJ2B300-2.2 Series Roots Water Ring Vacuum Unit, a robust solution engineered for optimal performance and durability across a wide array of applications.

With top-quality construction, this unit exhibits high resistance to corrosion and a zero leakage due to its airtight design. The unit integrates a ZJ type roots pump as the primary pump and a 2BV/2BE1 series of water ring pump or Roots-water ring unit as a fore pump. This unique design makes it possible to pump gas as well as aspirate small particles of dust, organic solvents, and water.

Key Features

  • High Efficiency: Employs an advanced design that guarantees energy saving and high output.
  • Compact Size: Ideally suited for confined spaces due to its minimal space requirement.
  • No Leakage: Improved sealing system shields against potential oil and water leaks.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Built to resist harsh elements and corrosive environments. Its immunity to oil pollution, water, gas, and dust greatly enhances its service lifespan.

This vacuum unit utilizes the company's innovative R&D ZJ series vacuum pump. This pump has been designed to prevent emulsification and withstand the damaging impacts of water vapor and solvents.

Working Fluid

The unit uses water as the primary working fluid, though it can also work with a variety of organic solvents or other liquids due to its compatibility. When employed in a closed circulation system, it reduces pollution and improves solvent recovery. The unit's vacuum degree limit is also determined by the saturated vapor pressure of the working fluid, thus enhancing its overall functionality and versatility.

Packing and delivery are meticulously handled to ensure the unit's safety during transit. Each package is delicately prepared in a wooden box with an estimated delivery lead time of about 40 days.

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