Versatile and Durable Coplain Staining Jar for Efficient Lab Operations

Short description
Versatile and Lab-to-Field Reliable Coplain Staining Jar: Specially designed to cater to diverse staining techniques, meant for labs, clinics, and hospitals.

  • Slide dimensions: 26x76mm, adequate for standard procedures.
  • Capable of housing 10 slides, perfect for simultaneous processing.
  • Exemplary design keeping user convenience in mind, easy manipulation of slides without forceps.
  • Durability fortified with a stain and solvent-resistant cover.
  • Its leading-edge design guarantees precision and efficiency for all staining methods.
  • Individual packaging with Weight: 0.38kg and Volume: 0.0003m3.

Opt for this Coplain Staining Jar for facilitating your lab tasks with graceful proficiency.

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Versatile and Lab-to-Field Reliable Coplain Staining Jar

Invaluable Companion for Lab Technicians and Scientists

Introducing the Coplain Staining Jar, an indispensable tool designed with precision to cater to the complex and dynamic needs of both clinical and hospital laboratories. Constructed from robust materials, the Coplain Staining Jar is specially designed to stand up to staining procedures using organic solvents, making it an essential asset in the realms of microbiology and cytology. Its primary application is to facilitate the effortless staining of smears on microscope slides, enhancing the practicality and efficiency of your lab work.

Key Attributes

  • Incredible Compatibility: Our Coplain Jar is designed to conveniently fit 26x76mm slides. This standard size compatibility ensures demand fulfillment for most laboratory operations.
  • Increased Productivity: The Coplain Staining Jar houses a capacity for 10 slides per operation. This enhanced capacity ensures efficient simultaneous staining of multiple slides, a feature that comes in handy during high-volume applications.
  • Optimized Accessibility: Designed thoughtfully, the slide slots in the Coplain Jar extend above the jar's opening for effortless slide manipulation, eliminating the need to use forceps, thus increasing convenience and safety.
  • Robust and Long-Lasting: Furnished with a solvent-resistant glass cover, the Coplain Staining Jar showcases extraordinary durability, making it able to withstand exposure to various staining solutions and organic solvents over extended periods.

What's in the Box?

Each package includes one meticulously designed Coplain Staining Jar, complete with a solvent-resistant glass cover, ensuring extended product life and sustained high performance.

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