Coplain Staining Jars - Set of 10: High-Quality Glass Jars for Enhanced Lab Staining

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Coplain Staining Jars – Set of 10: Precision-engineered high-grade glass jars tailored for lab staining needs. Each jar offers slide compatibility for standard 26 x 76 mm slides with a 10 slide capacity without requiring forceps, boosting efficiency. Withstand the test of time due to stain and organic solvent resistance, safeguarding your investment.

  • Material: Premium Glass
  • Slide Compatibility: 26 x 76 mm
  • Capacity: 10 slides
  • Durability: Stain and organic solvent-resistant
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  • Procurenet Team Tshim Sha Tsui
    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

Discover a whole new way of managing your laboratory processes with our incomparable Coplain Staining Jars - Set of 10. These jars are specially designed to deliver superior results, meeting all your specific staining requirements for standard 26 x 76 mm slides. They represent innovation, efficacy, and convenience, lending an upgraded approach to your lab tasks.

Our Coplain Staining Jars possess a unique design, facilitating the accommodation of up to 10 slides. This feature significantly escalates your slide processing capacity, enabling you to manage multiple slides simultaneously. The innovative design allows effortless slide manipulation even without the use of forceps, thereby speeding up your staining steps and making the entire process more efficient.

Constructed for prolonged usage, the Coplain Staining Jars sport a durable glass cover that resists staining and organic solvents. This renders them highly reusable, providing excellent value for your money. Be it staining smears on microscope slides or any other precise lab application, these jars guarantee unmatched efficiency.

Each package contains a single Coplain Staining Jar, with an approximate weight of 5kg and a volume metric of 20dm3.

Key Features:

  • Specifically designed for standard 26 x 76 mm slides,
  • Can contain up to 10 slides, multiplying your staining process,
  • Innovative design that allows slide handling without the necessity of forceps,
  • Made to last: Highly resistant to stains and organic solvents.

Revolutionize your laboratory procedures with our premium Coplain Staining Jars. Order now for an efficient, seamless, and high-quality staining process.

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