Isolation Suit - Unmatched Protection and Superior Comfort for Healthcare Environments

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Isolation Suit – High-Quality, Non-Sterile Protection for Healthcare Facilities

  • Material Quality: Constructed with robust SMS nonwoven fabric for long-lasting utilization.
  • Variety of Sizes: Suits tailored in comprehensive range of sizes from 160/S to 185/XXXL, accommodating diverse body types.
  • Intended Use: Ensuring dependable protection in outpatient wards, clinics and examination rooms.
  • Standard Compliance: Meticulously manufactured in adherence to Q/913706YSL005-2020 industry standards.
  • Transaction and Delivery: Product dispatch occurs within 1-15 days post-transaction and payment facilitated through T/T is accepted.

Offering superior protection, our range of non-sterile Isolation Suits are an indispensable requisite in healthcare settings. Engineered with long-lasting SMS nonwoven fabric and available in a wide range of sizes to cater all user needs.

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Isolation Suit - Unmatched Protection and Comfort for All Healthcare Settings

Designed to meet the highest safety standards in healthcare facilities, our Isolation Suit provides reliable protection against potential hazards. Created from superior-quality SMS nonwoven fabric, this isolation suit ensures optimal permeability to both air and water vapor. Consequently, this enhances wearer comfort without sacrificing protection standards.

Remarkable Product Features

  • Comes in numerous size options ranging from 160/S to 185/XXXL, ensuring a comfortable fit for different body types.
  • A 2-piece long sleeves design (Non-sterile) guarantees comprehensive coverage for utmost protection.
  • Adherence to the Q/913706YSL005-2020 standard subsequently emphasizes its credibility in shielding healthcare professionals.

Wide Range of Application

These Isolation Suits are perfectly suited for various insulation requirements at outpatient centers, wards, examination rooms, and elsewhere within medical institutions. They play a crucial role in limiting the spread of infections, thereby safeguarding the health of both patients and healthcare workers.

Expeditious Delivery and Convenient Payment

Our provision for an expedited delivery timeline of 1 to 15 days caters to urgent requirements efficiently. For an effortless transaction process, we accept payments via T/T. Sample products can be furnished upon request to allow for comprehensive evaluation of our product’s superior quality.

Invest in High-Quality Healthcare Safety Today

By introducing our premium Isolation Suits into your facility, you can ensure maximum protection for your healthcare workers. Our staunch commitment to quality guarantees your satisfaction, providing an effective solution for maintaining a clean and sterile healthcare environment.

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