Top-Quality Isolation Gowns for Healthcare Settings | Durable & Comfortable SMS Nonwoven Fabric Gowns

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Quality-Ensured Isolation Gown for Healthcare Settings

  • General Healthcare Application: Perfect for use in outpatient centers, wards, and examination rooms. Non-sterile, back-enclosed for maximum isolation.
  • Durable SMS Nonwoven Fabric: provides a strong barrier against fluid, particle, and other contaminant penetration.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Coverage from neck to knees ensures wearer safety.
  • Wide Range of Sizes: Available from 160/S to 185/XXXL to accommodate diverse body types.
  • Prompt Delivery: Lead times range from 1-15 days, accepting T/T payments.
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Quality-Ensured Isolation Gown for Healthcare Settings | Reliable and Comfortable Isolation Gown

Ensuring safety and maintaining high-quality healthcare standards is of the utmost priority for medical professionals in various healthcare environments. Our Quality-Assured Isolation Gowns are crafted with attention to the finest detail to render superior protection and comfort.

Salient Features

  • Versatile Sizing: Available in a range of sizes from 160/S to 185/XXXL, our gowns deliver an inclusive solution, fitting medical personnel of all sizes comfortably.
  • High-Grade Material: Composed of durable yet breathable SMS nonwoven fabric, these gowns ensure comfort without compromising on the protection, even in repeated usage scenarios.
  • Assured Quality: Conforming to quality standard Q/913706YSL005-2020, these gowns resonate with our dedication towards superior product quality.
  • Wide Application: Perfect for general isolation in a multitude of healthcare settings such as outpatient departments, wards, diagnostic rooms, and more.
  • Packaging for Convenience: Each carton, with its considerate packaging design, includes 35 individually packed isolation gowns for secure storage and distribution.

A dependable isolation gown is a cornerstone for ensuring a safe and proficient healthcare ambiance. Our isolation gown surpasses stringent quality parameters, offering an indomitable defence for healthcare professionals and patients alike. We also provide samples upon request, allowing you to experience first-hand the quality and comprehensive features of the product before making a purchase.

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