Buy High-Quality Iron 60mg Tablets to Enhance Your Body's Iron Levels

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High-Quality Iron 60mg Tablets for Enhanced Iron Levels

These high-grade Iron 60mg tablets, formulated on a foundation of efficient Ferrous salts, offer an excellent solution for managing iron deficiencies. They come in an easy-to-use roster of 100 coated tablets per bottle.

  • Therapeutic Class: Antianaemic
  • Utility: Primarily used for preventing and treating iron deficiency anemia
  • Usage Guidance: Follow WHO recommended dosage for achieving the best outcomes
  • Storage Instructions: Preferably stored below 30°C for safety and longevity, away from childreach
  • Packaging: Comes in secured packaging along with a user-friendly guide
  • Shelf Life: Usable for a stretch of 36 months
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High-Quality Iron 60mg Tablets: An Essential Addition to Your Daily Health Routine

Iron is a vital nutrient that our body requires to function optimally. Dealing with iron deficiency is now easier than ever with our top-notch Iron 60mg tablets. Crafted meticulously, these tablets help in warding off iron deficiency anaemia and replenishing your body's iron stores.

Product Description:

Each bottle of our premium Iron 60mg tablets contains 100 coated tablets brimming with Ferrous salt, either fumarate, gluconate or sulfate. Every tablet delivers 60mg of elemental iron, making it a potent remedy to prevent and treat iron deficiency anaemia. This common condition, brought on by insufficient iron intake, can manifest in tiredness, weakness, and trouble concentrating. Our tablets are targeted to battle these symptoms, keeping you energized and focused.

Key Features:

  • Therapeutic Class: Antianaemic
  • Indications: Ideal for the treatment and prevention of iron deficiency anaemia
  • Usage Guidelines: Pleasingly adheres to the WHO usage guidelines
  • Storage Instructions: Store under 30 degrees Celsius, away from light and keep out of the reach of children
  • Packaging: The product comes in its original packaging, accompanied with a patient information leaflet assuring your safety
  • Shelf Life: The product boasts a long shelf-life of 36 months, promising value for money

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By choosing our Iron 60mg tablets, you're investing in high-quality healthcare products that prioritize your wellness above all. Experience an upturn in your iron levels and an increase in overall vitality by purchasing our product today.

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