iOrbital4000 Programmable Welding Power Source: Elevating Industrial Welding Standards

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The iOrbital4000 Programmable Welding Powersource is a technologically advanced product from Kunshan Huaheng Welding Co. Designed for diverse welding processes, it offers:

  • Automatically generated parameters for versatile welding applications.
  • Comprehensive fault detection: Identifies errors promptly for efficient operation.
  • Graphical interface and remote pendent control: Simplify operation, display welding parameters.
  • Precision control: Provides up to 20 sections for each program.
  • 7-inch touch screen: Supports English and Chinese user interface.

Key specifications include a max welding current of 400A, a floating voltage of 80V, liquid cooling, and a maximum power of 15KW. It measures 1081 X 455 X 990 mm and weighs 110 kg.

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iOrbital4000 Programmable Welding Power Source: Revolutionary Technology for Advanced Welding

Embodying over 20 years of welding technology innovation, the iOrbital 4000 Welding Power Source from Kunshan Huaheng Welding Co., Ltd. sets a new standard for welding efficiency, versatility, and precision. It integrates a state-of-the-art liquid cooling system, 7-inch touchscreen in dual languages, and simulation capabilities for superior performance for a variety of tube welding applications.

Redefined Industrial Welding Experience

The product extends an informative, intuitive user experience with its thoughtfully designed interface. Simplify your welding projects with features like automatic parameter generation for tube-to-tube sheet and thinner wall tube welding. Its built-in comprehensive fault detection and error display expedite troubleshooting and maintenance, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Innovative Design and Durable Construction

Designed to withstand demanding industrial environments, the iOrbital 4000 is balanced with robust technical specifications that advance its effectiveness and reliability. Its wide welding current range from 5 to 400A ensures flexibility in different welding operations, and the ability to store up to 200 programs manages various applications conveniently.

Key Specifications:

  • Inverter type with a Welding Current range from 5 to 400A.
  • Sustained 310A output at 100% Duty Cycle and 400A at 60% Duty Cycle.
  • Efficient power input of 3*380V and Max Power capability of 15KW.
  • Supports control functions for Gas, Current, Rotation, Wire, and Cooling.
  • Compact size (L:1081mm, W:455mm, H:990mm) and weight (110 kg) for easy mobility and installation.
  • Conforms to national and international manufacturing standards GB15579.1-2013 and IEC60974/IEC.

Propelling Welding to New Frontiers

In rendering high-quality welding results, the offered comprehensive functionalities of iOrbital4000 reinvent the way industrial welding operations occur. Its advanced features provide a smart, efficient, and high-performing piece of equipment designed specifically for industry needs. With the iOrbital 4000 Welding Power Source, your welding processes are sure to stand out in the manufacturing field.

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