Premium Pack of 1200 Lab-Grade Sterile Plastic Inoculation Loops

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Premium Pack of 1200 Inoculation Loops – Lab-Grade, Sterile Plastic Microbiology Tools targeting health-intensive sectors such as research labs and healthcare facilities. Noteworthy aspects:

  • Resilient: Manufactured from chemical-resistant plastic ensuring durability.
  • Capacity: Each loop holds an estimated volume of 10µl assisting in precise measurement.
  • Sterilized: Contains 1200 sanitized, individually packaged loops for secure usage.
  • Disposable: Convenient disposal after utilization.
  • Portable: Weighing approximately 2kg, enhancing ease of handling and transport.
  • Standards Conformity: Complies with laboratory safety standards for reliable functionality.
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Introducing our Premium Pack of 1200 Lab-Grade Sterile Plastic Inoculation Loops, the ultimate solution for laboratory professionals, medical practitioners, and researchers. These inoculation loops are superiorly designed to excel in precision and reliability, optimal for a magnitude of microbiology applications. Guaranteed sterility and robust build ensure maximum durability and compatibility, making these potent tools for laboratories across different disciplines and regions.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Built meticulously from chemically resistant plastic, capable of withstanding various environments and experimental techniques.
  • Inherent flexible handle that enables an easy and firm grip, ensuring precise control during usage.
  • 10 µl accommodative loop capacity, making it a prime choice for specialized culture techniques.
  • Highly resilient plastic construction ensuring long-lasting lifespan and stability, even in harsh experimental conditions.
  • Individual wrapping of each loop to guarantee sterility and negate the risk of cross-contamination on opening.
  • Designed for single use, eliminating the need for post-experiment cleanups and reducing overhead time.

These inoculation loops are versatile and considerably useful for a myriad of applications, including clinical specimen preparation, bacterial culture, fungal culture, and other routine laboratory procedures. Whether you work in a hospital lab, research center, or academic institution, these high-quality loops will make intricate procedures efficiently manageable.

Each Premium Pack consists of one box of 1200 individually wrapped loops. The entire package weighs around 2 kg and takes up a volume of 0.03 m3. Be sure to adhere to standard laboratory protocols and safety measures to ensure sterility and reliable results.

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